Farley And The Candy Factory is a parody I made of Charlie/Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It is a lesson in thinking positive. Enjoy the parody and please give feedback and tell me if you like it and BigIdea should make an episode on this! Thank You!


Narrator: "Farley Bucketson (Junior Asparagus) was once a poor boy who lived with his father and mother and four grandparents in a tiny shack. Every day, they had nothing but water soup, but Farley always tried to cheer everyone up. They were all starving, but one day, everything changed for poor Farley Bucketson and his family."

( It is snowing. Camera zooms to a small wooden shack, covered in snow. Farley can be seen running to the door.)

Farley: "I'm home!"

(Grandparents greet Farley.)

Mrs. Bucketson (Mom Asparagus): "Oh, darling! You look freezing! Come, Farley, and have some water soup."

Grandpa Jim (Grandpa Gourd): "Yuck! Nothing but water soup, day and night. I'd rather eat a whole spaceship!"

Grandma Jill (Grandma Gourd): "What on Earth is a spaceship!?"

Grandpa Jim: "I dunno, but I bet it would be filling!"

Mr. Bucketson (Dad Asparagus): "Now dad, at least we have anything. God wants us to think positive. Sometimes bad things, turn out to be good things!"

(Grandparents nod and agree.)

Grandma May (Ma Grape): "Ain't that right!"

Farley: "We have a home, food, and family! Even though we have little of this, God wants us to think of it as good!"

Grandpa Moe (Pa Grape): "Come, Farley! Eat.Tell me, Farley, what's the news?"

The Script Isn't Completed Yet, But Please Stay Tuned!