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    Farley And The Candy Factory is a parody I made of Charlie/Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It is a lesson in thinking positive. Enjoy the parody and please give feedback and tell me if you like it and BigIdea should make an episode on this! Thank You!

    Narrator: "Farley Bucketson (Junior Asparagus) was once a poor boy who lived with his father and mother and four grandparents in a tiny shack. Every day, they had nothing but water soup, but Farley always tried to cheer everyone up. They were all starving, but one day, everything changed for poor Farley Bucketson and his family."

    ( It is snowing. Camera zooms to a small wooden shack, covered in snow. Farley can be seen running to the door.)

    Farley: "I'm home!"

    (Grandparents greet Farley.)

    Mrs. B…

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  • PotatoMan10

    You know that BigIdea has made spoofs of real movies for VeggieTales like The Wizard of Ha's, It's A Meaningful Life, and Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry's Big River Rescue? Well, here are some ideas that BigIdea HAVEN'T done that I think would be cool... Yet.

    Willy Wonka: Larry the Cucumber

    Charlie Bucket: Junior Asparagus

    Grandpa Joe: Pa Grape

    Grandma Josophine: Ma Grape

    Grandpa George: Granpa Gourd

    Grandma Georgia: Grandma Gourd

    Mrs. Bucket: Mom Asparagus

    Mr. Bucket: Dad Asparagus

    Agustus Gloop: Steven

    Mrs. Gloop: Betty

    Mr. Gloop: Oscar

    Violet Bauregarde: Rosie Grape

    Mrs. Bauregarde: Ellen

    Mr. Bauregarde: Mr. Lunt

    Veruca Salt: Laura Carrot

    Mrs. Salt: Lovey Asparagus

    Mr. Salt: Archibald Asparagus

    Mike Teevee: Don Gordon

    Mrs. Teevee: Penelope

    Mr. Teevee:…

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  • PotatoMan10

    Hey, Everyone! PotatoMan10 Here! I've been recently taking pictures of cameo characters and others, and I found some pictures that were utterly confusing. I took some pictures of characters, and then I realized, they look exactly like other characters! Okay, you probably don't understand this, so I'll show examples:

    Please tell me what you think so I can change articles with false information I might have added. I'll upload more pictures I'm confused with, and you can tell me what you think of those, too. And thanks for helping me with some of the pictures! Thanks!

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  • PotatoMan10


    June 24, 2012 by PotatoMan10

    Good news, everyone! My mother will let me use her phone camera that takes good pictures, so I can upload good pictures of Oscar, Grandma Gourd, Miss Achmetha, and other characters who don't have good pictures.

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