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    September 14, 2012 by Damiedeter

    Yes, users, I am now leaving this wiki. I have school a lot and I'm mainly on Total Drama Wiki. So, this will be my last blog and edit I'll ever make! Bye!

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  • Damiedeter

    Larry the Cucumber as Spongebob

    Archibald Asparagus as Squidward

    Bob the Tomato as Patrick

    Mr. Nezzer as Mr. Krabs

    Pentunia Rhubarb as Sandy

    Jean Claude Pea as Plankton

    Jimmy Gourd as Mermaid Man

    Jerry Gourd as Barnacle Boy

    Peas and Carrots as extra fish

    Grandma Gourd as Miss. Puff

    Ma Grape as Mrs. Squarepants

    Pa Grape as Mr. Squarepants

    Qwerty as Karen

    Junior Asparagus as Timmy Turner

    Petunia Rhubarb as Wanda

    Larry the Cucumber as Cosmo

    Mom Asparagus as Mrs. Turner

    Dad Asparagus as Mr. Turner

    Miss. Achmetha as Vicky

    Apollo Gourd as Jorgen

    Gordon as Francis

    Jimmy Gourd as Chester

    Bob the Tomato as A.J.

    Random Peas and Carrots as Fairies, Pixies, Anti-Fairies and Humans

    Dr. Flurry as Denzel Crocker

    The Alchemist's Mom as Denzel's Mom

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  • Damiedeter

    I know PotatoMan already made a page like this but I'm just making my ideas of some spoofs for Veggietales.

    Spongebob Squarepants-Larry the Cucumber

    Timmy Turner-Junior the Asparagus

    Danny Phantom-Jimmy Gourd

    Jimmy Neutron-Bob the Tomato

    Vlad Plasimus-Scallion #1

    Plankton-Jean Claude Pea

    Professor Calamitous-Pa Grape

    Crocker-Mr. Lunt

    Phineas Flynn-Larry the Cucumber

    Ferb Fletcher-Steve the Cucumber

    Candace Flynn-Miss Achmetha

    Dr. Doofensmirtz-Scallion #1

    Isabella-Petunia Rhubarb

    Baljeet-Junior Asparagus


    Mr. Fletcher-Bob the Tomato

    Mrs. Flynn-Madame Blueberry

    Jeremy-Art Bigotti

    Vannessa Doofenshmirtz-Laura Carrot

    Fireside Girls-Girl Peas and Girl Carrots

    Harry Potter-Larry the Cucumber

    Hermione Granger-Laura Carrot

    Ron Weasley-Junior Asparagus

    Fred W…

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  • Damiedeter

    I'm not sure if this would be possible, but I think all of the villians from the series should all appear in a new episode. i.e. them making a syndicate. What do you guys think? Here are their pictures:

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  • Damiedeter

    Hi people! Damiedeter here. This is a little poll thing I will be making for a while. It will be for favorite bible stories, silly songs, etc. So enjoy this one!

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