The Monsters from Jr. Closet
The Monsters From Junior's Closet are a group of monsters who scare Junior in "Where's God When I'm S-Scared?". They are first seen coming out of his closet and bouncing in a drawer. They then pop out and sing along with Junior, Bob, Larry and Frankencelery singing "God is Bigger".


  • Monster 1 is sea foam green with pink spots, a big pink nose and pink eyelids.
  • Monster #2 has yellow skin with sea foam green eyelids and a light blue mowhawk.
  • Monster 3 is orange with purple eyelids and spikes as well as a big purple nose.

Did You Know?

  • The pink, polka-dot monster, "Lumpy" later appeared as a hood twice, "God Wants Me To Forgive Them?" and "The Toy That Saved Christmas".
  • Lumpy was the inspiration for the Fib.
  • Lumpy Monster was the only named closet monster. He was by the creators of the show.
  • Two of the monsters are voiced by Mike Nawrocki.



  • Themselves in "Where's God When I'm S-Scared?"
  • Himself in "God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?!" (object and theme song)
  • Himself in "Are You My Neighbor?" (theme song)
  • Himself in "Rack, Shack & Benny" (theme song)
  • Himself in "Dave and the Giant Pickle" (theme song)
  • Himself in "The Toy That Saved Christmas" (object)
  • Themselves in "Very Silly Songs"
  • Himself in "Larry-Boy! and the Fib from Outer Space" (theme song)
  • Himself in "Josh and the Big Wall" (theme Song)