Snoodlerellais the daughter of a loyal king that rules Snoostien. She had once lived with her cruel stepmother and two sisters who thought she was ugly and messy, until her blueberry godmother and her three assistance made her prettier. She then attended the ball and danced until the spell wore off and she became her real self again.

She sadly walked off until the king asked for the last dance. He explained to Snoodlerella that her appearance didn't matter because she was nice and friendly. He gave her a tiara before she left, knowing that she'd soon be a great and loving ruler of Snoostien.


Snoodlerella has wings like all snoodles, but colored purple. She wears large glasses and a ragged dress. She also grows brown hair and freckles are on her cheeks. She also had to wear braces. Most people consider her ugly, but she doesn't care because she is kind and loving, which is true beauty.


  • Herself in "Snoodlerlla on "Sweetpea Beauty: A Girl After God's Own Heart"

Voice Actress

  • Rebecca Walker


  • According to Mike Nawrocki, Rebbeca Walker originally auditioned for the role of Snoodlerella using a basic princess-esque voice since she had done several voice-overs as a princess previously, but Mike told her to basically change her voice to sound like someone from a "Star Trek", "Star Wars" or "Lord of the Rings" convention.
  • Snooderella resembles Ugly Betty.