Snoodle doo
Snoodle Doo is a snoodle in VeggieTales. He only appears in "A Snoodle's Tale" as the main character in the story. He was given wings, paints, and a kazoo at birth. He planned to use them, but when he flew and painted, the other snoodles discouraged him and painted discouraging pictures of Snoodle Doo and put them in his pack. Discouraged, he decided to run away. During the journey, it was hard, and a farmer snoodle made fun of him on the way there.

Soon Snoodle Doo made it up Mount Ginches and met a stranger. He told Snoodle Doo to enter his home. The stranger said that he was the creator of Snoodleburg and everything. He said that he gave Snoodle Doo the paints and the kazoo so he can make music and paint pictures for him. Soon he incouraged him. Snoodle Doo soon found the advice helping, and he was soon soaring through the sky.


Snoodle Doo is a light blue snoodle. He has wings and carries a pack on his back. He has white gloves and a white belt with a golden middle. He has a small nose and also has a turt of white hair on a stalk sticking out of his head.


  • Himself in "A Snoodle's Tale"