The Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie DVD had three commentaries. One of them was by Larry the Cucumber and Mr. Lunt, saying they were the real producers of the movie, and revealing some of the behind-the scenes stuff, according to the two of them.

Jonah A VeggieTales Movie - Veggie Commentary

Jonah A VeggieTales Movie - Veggie Commentary


Larry: Oh, oh yeah, this is, this is, uh, this is the new logo.

Mr. Lunt: The new, the new, (clears throat) This is Mr. Lunt...

Larry: And this is, uh, Larry the Cucumber...

Mr. Lunt: And we're watching the new logo!

Larry: Oh, this is a good part! Whoo-hoo!

Mr. Lunt: I love it when Bob gets it!

Larry: That's right!

Mr. Lunt: Isn't that a hoot? So, anyway, we're watching this movie here. it's called, what's the movie called?

Larry: It's called Jonah--

Mr. Lunt: Oh, that's right.

Larry: --A VeggieTales Movie.

Mr. Lunt: That other movie we made, what was that one?

Larry: That other one was called, um, Socks with Stripes.

Mr. Lunt: Right, that was good, but not this good.

Larry: No, no, uh-uh. Not this good.

Mr. Lunt: It was highly regarded in France.

Larry: That's right.

Mr. Lunt: I believe so. Now, what you may or may not know depending on you filmic literacy level, is that Larry the Cucumber and myself, Mr. Lunt, we're actually the producers of this film.

Larry: We were the real big time, uh, power behind, uh, behind the film.

Mr. Lunt: Yeah, now, you know, if you read the credits, it will not say that in its many words.

Larry: Yeah, but we needed to clear that up.

Mr. Lunt: But the air should be cleared...

Larry: That's right, that we were the go-to guys.

Mr. Lunt: Yeah, unless the movie does horribly at the box office, and then we had nothing to do with it.

Larry: That's Ameake's fault.

Mr. Lunt: (laughing) That's... that's right. That's Ameake--, and that, that d-wald guy.

Larry: That D-wald guy--

Mr. Lunt: A-wald.

Larry: That's right, A-wald.

Mr. Lunt: That guy. That was a--

Larry: Oh, okay, here's where the kids, they're driving through the woods,

Mr. Lunt: Yeah?

Larry: And, look. porcupine.

Mr. Lunt: Whoa! Now how did... Oh, I'm--

Larry: Careful with the mike there.

Mr. Lunt: I'm bumping the mike with my lack of hands.

Larry: You know, that porcupine, there's an interesting story to that guy.

Mr. Lunt: How did we get that porcupine to act in a vegetable movie?

Larry: I met him at Chuck E. Cheese.

Mr. Lunt: Yeah?

Larry: He was there at a birthday party.

Mr. Lunt: What was he doing?

Larry: Uh, he was, uh, sipping on a sprite.

Mr. Lunt: Was it his birthday?

Larry: It was, uh, no, it was a friend of his.

Mr. Lunt: Okay.

Larry: So, but, uh, you know I just looked at him and I thought 'Wow! You know, that guy has got potental.' So I went over and gave him my card.

Mr. Lunt: Really? You know, I've always considered your eye very keen for talent.

Larry: That's right.

Mr. Lunt: Ever since you found that manatee.

Larry: Oh yeah, yeah. Barbara?

Mr. Lunt: And that peach.

Larry: Oh yeah, The Peach.

Mr. Lunt: Yeah, that was a find. Although I don't think his diction health classes are helping very much.

Larry: No, no he'a a monotone kind of guy.

Mr. Lunt: Right, so anyway, as you may know or perhaps not, Larry the Cucumber and I produced the film that you're watching, Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie, and we, uh, did not go to film school.

Larry: No, we didn't. But,we can, uh, we went to the Culinary Academy of Louisiana, though.

Mr. Lunt: We did that, and I also noticed that Sally Struthers offered some very competent film courses. So we took a little bit of her class by mail...

Larry: ...and the internet.

Mr. Lunt: ...and by the internet.

Larry: That's right.

Mr. Lunt: Yeah, cause we were thinking that would give us, you know, kinda turn us into Rob Reiners.

Larry: Uh-huh.

Mr. Lunt: So, there's a connection there.

Larry: Right.

Mr. Lunt: and so we thought that was a good idea, and that's what gave us the idea to make this movie. It was everything we learned from Sally Struthers.

Larry: Uh-huh.

Mr. Lunt: in the correspondence classes we took, and Larry the Cucumber, he got a B- and I got a C- but, but, I think it was ready.

Larry: We were gonna call it Jonah: A Meathead Movie.

Mr. Lunt: Yeah, because, we thought that would impress both Sally and Rob.

Larry: Yeah, but we decided on VeggieTales.

Mr. Lunt: Right, because that works too, we think. So, the hardest part of making the movie, really, uh, from our point of view, was raising the money, right?

Larry: Uh-huh.Yeah, yeah, yeah. Not a lot of people would give a lot of money to a bunch of vegetables.

Mr. Lunt: No. At first, we were thinking that we could probably pull the whole thing off with maybe a car wash.

Larry: Yeah, or a bake sale.

Mr. Lunt: Or a bake sale.

Larry: Which we did.

Mr. Lunt: Which we did, we did several of them.

Larry: Yes, that's right.

Mr. Lunt: They were delicious.

Larry: Uh-huh.

Mr. Lunt: And car washing is fun. But your through-put i low when you don't have any arms.

Larry: Yep.

Mr. Lunt: So, after like a day and a half, we only washed half a car.

Larry: So, uh, what do you think we think? Should we start talking about the movie?

Mr. Lunt: What movie?

Larry: The one that we're watching.

Mr. Lunt: Oh, yeah. this...

Larry: Now this is an exciting part. Okay, now, these porcupines coming up, you know, the first porcupine I met was in a Chuck E. Cheese.

Mr. Lunt: Right.

Larry: I met her in a laundromat.

Mr. Lunt: Wait a minute, that's not the same porcupine?

Larry: No, no, that's not the same one, you see, that's, uh, a mommy porcupine with her two kids.

Mr. Lunt: What was that other one, like an uncle?

Larry: it was, it was just some guy porcupine.

Mr. Lunt: like a deadbeat dad?

Larry: No, just a guy porcupine at some kid's party. But, I met, I was doing, was washing my sleeping bags at this laundromat when I saw her.

Mr. Lunt: Yeah?

Larry: said, 'hey, you'd be great for our movie,' and, uh, she had two kids, so, uh, they came along, too.

Mr. Lunt: Were they at the laundromat, too?

Larry: Yeah, they were there.

Mr. Lunt: What were they washing?

Larry: Um, they were just, um, uh, they had some socks, with stripes.

Mr. Lunt: Really?

Larry: And see, because they had socks with stripes, it reminded me of the first movie that we did,

Mr. Lunt: Right, the one that didn't do so good, but they loved in France.

Larry: That's right.

Mr. Lunt: Yeah.

Larry: So, um, so that, that made me think that was a sign that they should be in the movie.

Mr. Lunt: Right. You know, we did all this camera work, it was all steady cam work.

Larry: Uh-huh, oh, look. It's underwear.

Mr. Lunt: Oh yeah, you know, the kids, they love the underwear jokes.

Larry: They do.

Mr. Lunt: If there's anything I learned from Jim Carrey, my idol, it's that kids love underwear jokes.

Larry: Oh yeah? What about socks jokes?

Mr. Lunt: Not so much.

Larry: Cause we've used that a couple of times.

Mr. Lunt: Well, if the socks are dirty, they think it's hilarious.

Larry: Oh yeah.

Mr. Lunt: The socks are clean, they don't get it.

Larry: Okay.

Mr. Lunt: Not even. But, if they had stripes, they think it's French.

Larry: Got ya. But it doesn't raeally matter with underwear.

Mr. Lunt: No, underwear, clean, dirty, some kids think dirty that is a litle, you know, turns their nose. Maybe a little bit, and, and, it messes you up with the church market.

Larry: Oh yeah.

Mr. Lunt: They don't like that so much.

Larry: No, uh-huh.

Mr. Lunt: Airbag jokes, you know, those worked well since Dumb and Dumber.

Larry: Oh yeah?

Mr. Lunt: Yeah.

Larry: and Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed.

Mr. Lunt: Yeah, there's a good... yeah, there's a good airbag joke in there and I think we, no, we took it to a new level by having dual airbags.

Larry: Dual airbags, yeah.

Mr. Lunt: I don't think anyone's done a dual airbag joke before.

Larry: I don't think so.

Mr. Lunt: No.

Larry: Or, our side-protection airbags. That hasn't been done yet.Maybe we can do that in our next movie.

Mr. Lunt: Well, I have a question for you, since you were the porcupine wrangler.

Larry: Yes?

Mr. Lunt: On this movie. How did you get them to control their quills? because unless I'm mistaken, they don't really do that.

Larry: Well, yeah, you know, um, it is a little bit of a mis-knowner fact that, uh, porcupines actually can throw their quills, but these guys, we, we set them up for the special rigging to do it. For like three or four loose quills on them, and that they just give their tails a good whip, and they actually come out. So, but, that shot took a long, that took us at least 4 takes, to get that quill.

Mr. Lunt: Wait, which one?

Larry: The one where Bob got, got it.

Mr. Lunt: Oh.

Larry: In the behind.

Mr. Lunt: Right, I remember that. I remember.

Larry: That took us like 4 takes for that one.

Mr. Lunt: Although I actually as producer did not show up on the set all that much. Because the producers that I thought to emulate are the ones that have a very legal actual role in the film making process.

Larry: Yeah.

Mr. Lunt: They just sit back and act like big shots, you know, like say, Tom Hanks.

Larry: "Uh huh, or Tom Cruise."

Mr. Lunt: "Oh yeah, they don't really get involved so much."

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "You know they just-and what's-what's going on here with what they're saying?"

Larry: "Well, this is the big argument that the kids have."

Mr. Lunt: "How did-"

Larry: "This sets up the whole movie right here."

Mr. Lunt: "The whole thing?"

Larry: "The whole thing."

Mr. Lunt: "Right here."

Larry: "'Cause they're in a-"

Mr. Lunt: "'Cause this is important."

Larry: "Yeah, this is important, they're going-"

Mr. Lunt: "Because when we were making the movie, I was thinking this whole restaurant thing wasn't working."

Larry: "Oh, you were?"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah? I was thinking we should just get rid of it."

Larry: "Oh, so they just uh, show up in the story of Jonah?"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah."

Larry: "Yeah? the kids? or the kids who were just left now-"

Mr. Lunt: "No kids."

Larry: "No kids?"

Mr. Lunt: "No, kids don't like to watch kids."

Larry: "Good thing you're a producer, not a director."

Mr. Lunt: "You know, kids, you know what they say."

Larry: "What's that?"

Mr. Lunt: "They say if I want to watch kids, I'll just look in the mirror, why do I want to pay 7 bucks to watch myself?"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "That's what they say."

Larry: "Is that what they say?"

Mr. Lunt: "They do."

Larry: "Good thing you're a producer, and not a director."

Mr. Lunt: "Even in France, that's why they liked that movie we made about the socks, 'cause there were no kids in it."

Larry: "Just lots of socks and stripes."

Mr. Lunt: "And kids would say in French of course, I can't watch socks in the mirror, because they're in my shoes."

Larry: "Uh oh."

Mr. Lunt: "So this is really valuable to see a movie about socks, but this movie with kids in it, they don't get it."

Larry: "No."

Larry: "Well, I think they do."

Mr. Lunt: "You know my friend, Fredrico Philini?"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "He didn't do much movies about kids, because he knew that kids didn't get it."

Larry: "Oh, no, well, Fredrico is wrong 'cause kids get it, kids are sharp as tacks."

Mr. Lunt: "So the French Peas here, you know, how do you think they did? you think they stole the show?"

Larry: "Well, they're uh, I think they did a pretty good job, they got this uh, catchy little song that they sing."

Mr. Lunt: "What do they like to work with? 'cause I did-again, didn't show up that much."

Larry: "Well, you know, not a lot of people know this about the French Peas, but they're actually Swedish."

Mr. Lunt: "You've got to be kidding me."

Larry: "No, it's true, you topped them off the set, and uh-"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah?"

Larry: "You know, they've got Swedish accents."

Mr. Lunt: "So the whole accent thing, it's uh..."

Larry: "It's all a put on."

Mr. Lunt: "It's a sham."

Larry: "That's right."

Mr. Lunt: "It's a fake."

Larry: "That's right, well if you notice they're not really all that authentically French, their accents are a little bit off."

Mr. Lunt: "What are you talking about? next thing you're gonna critique my accent."

Larry: "I would never critique your accent, it's so authentically-"

Mr. Lunt: "You are-"

Larry: "Italian Hispanic."

Mr. Lunt: "You are on thin ice, pal, if we direct another movie together,"

Larry: "Produce?"

Mr. Lunt: "We produced it, didn't we?"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "That's the horse of a different color."

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "They--well, we might have to change the way we worked."

Larry: "Oh yeah? like how?"

Mr. Lunt: "Well, maybe I'll be the 1 who comes to the set, and you'll be the 1 who stays in the office and answers the phone."

Larry: "Oh yeah?"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah."

Larry: "Well if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be in this mess, Lunt!"

Mr. Lunt: "Eh? what? what mess are we in?"

Larry: "Wait, you know what?"

Mr. Lunt: "What?"

Larry: "I think we could learn a lesson too."

Mr. Lunt: "What's that?"

Larry: "About uh, compassion and mercy."

Mr. Lunt: "Hey wait a minute, I'm showing up in the movie."

Larry: "Uh oh, okay."

Mr. Lunt: "Quit your jabbering, everyone wants to pay attention now."

Larry: "Uh oh, okay, here we go."

Mr. Lunt: "That's--"

Larry: "This is where we were talking the other-"

Mr. Lunt: "I was--I was improvising."

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "I was ad-libbing."

Larry: "We've had a lot of ad-libs to cut through to get--"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, on the 2nd City grab, not many people know that, but I went to 2nd City, the famous uh, in-prob club in Chicago, you know, and I hung out with you know, Jim Belushi and Chris Farley."

Larry: "You did?"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, all at the same time."

Larry: "Oh wow."

Mr. Lunt: "It's pretty amazing."

Larry: "Well, I did uh, I did uh, Drury Lane um...dinner theater out in Okra for a while."

Mr. Lunt: "I don't think I'd spread that around, but anyway, I was such a big star at 2nd City in Chicago, this was in--I don't know, the 80s, let's say that Lorne Michaels, you know him from Saturday Night Live?"

Larry: "Uh huh, yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "He wanted me to come on because he said I reminded him Rosanna-Rosanna Danna."

Larry: "How did he figure that?

Mr. Lunt: "It's always somethin'."

Larry: "What could you say--"

Mr. Lunt: "What?"

Larry: "Say eagle rights, yeah, I can see it, remember that Rosanna-Rosanna Danna skit?"

Mr. Lunt: "No I don't."

Larry: "She was talking about eagle rights."

Mr. Lunt: "I never actually saw the woman."

Larry: "Oh, okay."

Mr. Lunt: "All I know is that Lorne Michaels said I was the future."

Larry: "Uh, oh, okay."

Mr. Lunt: "So he flew me out to New York."

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "They put me up in a hotel, they wind me, they dine me, they let me do a guest appearance in the salad bar on some sketch with uh, James Belushi, 'cause you know, John was gone."

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "And James, you know, he's okay, but not quite as funny."

Larry: "Right."

Mr. Lunt: "You know,"

Larry: "Right, right."

Mr. Lunt: "But well, it went okay, but then the focus group, the episode and they said that people don't like vegetables."

Larry: "Oh."

Mr. Lunt: "'Cause they make them think of health."

Larry: "Health?"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, and he said Saturday Night Live is not about health."

Larry: "No?"

Mr. Lunt: "That's what they said."

Larry: "What do they know? so good thing they're producers and not directors."

Mr. Lunt: "I went back--I went back to Chicago and that was the end of my Saturday Night Live career, but then when, you know, it was time to do the movie, I thought, Hey, you know, I'm no Rick Moranis, but I could pull that out."

Larry: "Sure?"

Mr. Lunt: "You know, and I could do that, you know, making up lines thing in the middle of the movie to make everyone laugh,

Larry: "Sure?"

Mr. Lunt: "Just like--as well as the next limbless actor-"

Larry: "That's right."

Mr. Lunt: "And--And I think it went pretty well."

Larry: "It did, that was some pretty funny stuff."

Mr. Lunt: "Thanks."

Larry: "We put some pretty funny stuff outta there, it was quite as fun, funny as maybe Eddie Murphy doing the same thing, 'cause he would've--he would've come up with the waffle thing or--or you know, some or tic-tac, he would've said tic-tac, and that would've been really funny."

Mr. Lunt: "You think--you think Eddie Murphy is funnier than me?"

Larry: "Well I'm not saying funnier, you know, it depends on how you look at it, you know."

Mr. Lunt: "Oh."

Larry: "You're funny,"

Mr. Lunt: "We've gotta talk."

Larry: "and Eddie Murphy's funny in a different kind of way."

Mr. Lunt: "Well--well, yeah, well he did that dragon,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "And then he did that donkey."

Larry: "Yeah? sure--"

Mr. Lunt: "But they were the same characters."

Larry: "You think so?"

Mr. Lunt: "That was no difference between them, you go listen to the dragon,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "and then you listen to the donkey."

Larry: "Did the--Did the dragon say tic-tac?"

Mr. Lunt: "No, he said I made you breakfast, and it's happy to beat ya."

Larry: "Did he say I'm makin' waffles?"

Mr. Lunt: "No, he said I made you breakfast, and it's happy to beat ya, that's what he said, he said that to the Chinese girl."

Larry: "Well, I don't--"

Mr. Lunt: "I don't think that makes any sense!"

Larry: "But I'm laughin'. that kind of says something."

Mr. Lunt: "Oh, man."

Larry: "Okay, where were we?"

Mr. Lunt: "Back to the film."

Mr. Lunt: "Where did you get the idea for these fish slappers?"

Larry: "Uh, well, I got that from uh, Monty Python."

Mr. Lunt: "Who are they?"

Larry: "Uh those are those British guys, now those--those guys are funny."

Mr. Lunt: "Really?"

Larry: "Yeah, those guys, they did some funny things, and there was this 1 skit where uh, there was enough for a something completely different skit, where uh, they said uh, 2 men slapping each other with fish."

Mr. Lunt: "Wow, that's great."

Larry: "Lasted for like 10 2nds, I thought it was the funniest thing."

Mr. Lunt: "That was a great idea."

Larry: "Oh, thanks."

Mr. Lunt: "But it's tricky when you don't have any arms, you know, again, we had to use the rigging--"

Larry: "That's right."

Mr. Lunt: "That very complex rigging, and wire removal systems."

Larry: "Yes?"

Mr. Lunt: "Pie in air, you know, but you think--"

Larry: "Roger Rabbit."

Mr. Lunt: "The Matrix--"

Larry: "Oh, The Matrix? or Roger Rabbit?"

Mr. Lunt: "Roger Rabbit's Matrix?"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "I think was the 1st film."

Larry: "Sure?"

Mr. Lunt: "And when that bombed, and they decided to make those 2 films separately--"

Larry: "Separately? they both did really well, yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "They did--and a wire-removal became part of the vernacular."

Larry: "It did."

Mr. Lunt: "Even my mother now said Wire-removal."

Larry: "And when it's--she's not talking about laundry, she still says it?"

Mr. Lunt: "No?"

Larry: "No, just talking 'bout the movies, she says Wire-Removal?"

Mr. Lunt: "Mostly laundry--"

Larry: "Yeah?"

Mr. Lunt: "But that's not the point."

Larry: "Okay?"

Mr. Lunt: "And my--my stepfather is an electrician."

Larry: "Oh yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "He also says wire-removal."

Larry: "Wire-removal? okay."

Mr. Lunt: "Very different meaning--"

Larry: "Okay?"

Mr. Lunt: "But yet similar."

Larry: "Okay, Poland cable?"

Mr. Lunt: "And stuff, yeah, so how--you know, working with this camel--"

Larry: "Oh, Reginald."

Mr. Lunt: "Which was tricky, if you've ever worked with a camel, of course, they spit."

Larry: "Oh yeah, right? they sure do, yeah, but Reginald, you know, he was a little bit more refined of a camel, he's from uh--Great Britain, which I didn't know they had camels."

Mr. Lunt: "Really? where do they have camels in Great Britain?"

Larry: "I don't know if he was indigenous, but he came from a zoo or something."

Mr. Lunt: "You don't think he was indigenous?"

Larry: "I don't think he was indigenous."

Mr. Lunt: "So he didn't eat any lamb?"

Larry: "Nope, nope, and uh......I don't think he was carnivorous either, 'cause he wasn't green all year round."

Mr. Lunt: "Wow, that's amazing."

Larry: [Chuckles A Bit] "Isn't it?"

Mr. Lunt: "We were fortunate to find a non carnivorous camel in the great islands of Britain."

Larry: "That's right."

Mr. Lunt: "The great British isles, how do you say that?"

Larry: "The uh, uh, Isles of Great Britain."

Mr. Lunt: "Right, that's it, don't want to insult our British friends."

Larry: "No, but uh, he and Jonah got along great,"

Mr. Lunt: "Even though they're-"

Larry: "and they are so similar, they even have their monacles on the same side."

Mr. Lunt: "Why that's astounding."

Larry: "Yep."

Mr. Lunt: "How did you train a camel to wear a monacle?

Larry: "Uh well, he appreciated it, 'cause he was a little far sided in his right eye."

Mr. Lunt: "Really?"

Larry: "Yeah, and so uh, he really appreciated having that."

Mr. Lunt: "Did it help him in reading?"

Larry: "He did."

Mr. Lunt: "He did, whoa."

Larry: "It helped him with the script."

Mr. Lunt: "Why do you know about that--this is a pretty big musical number for a little vegetable movie, how much do you think they spent on that?"

Larry: "Well uh, how much we spent on it? I don't know, I think we told the investors that was gonna cost like 65 bucks."

Mr. Lunt: "Really?"

Larry: "Hope we went over that."

Mr. Lunt: "Wow, that's something."

Larry: "Although we did have to order extra sandwiches for lunch."

Mr. Lunt: "We had a lot of extras."

Larry: "Yeah, it was kinda hot that day too, so we had to get those uh, spritzers out there."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, I was thinking since it was a Biblical epic, maybe we could just give them 5 loans and 5 fish and tell them to take care of the rest."

Larry: "Oh, okay, we could try that on our next film."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, nobody else would fall for that idea though."

Larry: "Nobody did?"

Mr. Lunt: "No, they wanted donuts."

Larry: "They wanted donuts?"

Mr. Lunt: "Everybody, when you make a movie, everyone wants donuts, I have no idea why."

Larry: "Yeah, that's why."

Mr. Lunt: "Jimmy Gourd, he can be a little bit difficult to work with."

Larry: "Yeah, well there's the guy who likes donuts."

Mr. Lunt: "Oh-oh boy, you're telling me about that."

Larry: "HIm and Jerry, you know 1 time, those guys ate a whole planet made of popcorn."

Mr. Lunt: "You got to be kidding me."

Larry: "It's true, I think that's before you came around, that was in 1 of their early shows."

Mr. Lunt: "Holy mackerel."

Larry: "But there was this gigantic popcorn asteroid and those guys ate the whole thing."

Mr. Lunt: "They ate the whole thing."

Larry: "Well you know, I'm not sure if it was an asteroid or a meteor,"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah?"

Larry: "but it was 1 of the 2 and he ate--they ate the whole thing."

Mr. Lunt: "Isn't it true that Jimmy and Jerry are classically trained Shakespearean actors?"

Larry: "it's true, it's true."

Mr. Lunt: "It's pretty amazing, you know, you think some guys, you know that like, like....Jim Nabors, for example."

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "You think 'cause he plays a nincompoop,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "on the TV he's a nincompoop."

Larry: "Oh, but that guy can sing."

Mr. Lunt: "But then you hear him sing."

Larry: "Oh yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "And you think, he has the voice of an angel."

Larry: "An angel, a poverodi angel."

Mr. Lunt: "That's right,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "or say um, who's that guy from uh, Mayberry?"

Larry: "Um, uh, Goober."

Mr. Lunt: "No, not Goober."

Larry: "Gomer?"

Mr. Lunt: "Not Gomer, Obi?"

Larry: "No."

Mr. Lunt: "Otis?"

Larry: "Otis? no."

Mr. Lunt: "No. Andy."

Larry: "Don Knotts?"

Mr. Lunt: "Andy."

Larry: "He does?"

Mr. Lunt: "And he's a lawyer."

Larry: "Oh, Matt Lauer."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, he's a--he's a--look at me."

Larry: "Yeah, okay."

Mr. Lunt: "He's a lawyer,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "he's a sheriff,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "he's a dinger."

Larry: "Oh wow."

Mr. Lunt: "You know what they call that in Hollywood?"

Larry: "Um........a tripple double."

Mr. Lunt: "No, a hyphonate."

Larry: "Oh, a hyphonate?"

Mr. Lunt: "He's a hyphonate."

Larry: "Wow."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, which means that he cannot join the armed services or run for office."

Larry: "I just wanted to say something about that last scene."

Mr. Lunt: "Which 1?"

Larry: "Where the pea got fried by lightning."

Mr. Lunt: "Oh look, look, there's a movie vague."

Larry: "That was all special effects, I just want the kids to know that was special effects."

Mr. Lunt: "Really?"

Larry: "Because, yeah, there was no peas harmed in that scene."

Mr. Lunt: "No peas?"

Larry: "No peas."

Mr. Lunt: "Snow peas?"

Larry: "No peas, no sn-(he snickers a bit.) no snow peas, no o-peas."

Mr. Lunt: "Now that is fantastic."

Larry: "Yep."

Mr. Lunt: "Now was it hard to shoot this scene inside that little tent?"

Larry: "Uh, yeah, a little bit, you know, it's actually not as big as it looks on film, because um, it's only a 2 man tent."

Mr. Lunt: "Right?"

Larry: "But the way that the-the camera lens that we used on it, looks like at least a 12 man tent."

Mr. Lunt: "And is it true that you got the tent from Wal-Mart, you know, a march down item? you know?"

Larry: "Yeah, yeah, we got it there as a coleman, a coleman, it comes in coleman green, you know,"

Mr. Lunt: "Oh yeah?"

Larry: "Yeah, but we needed to paint it orange 'cause looked too much like a north woods tent when we 1st got it."

Mr. Lunt: "Right, I also believe that uh, uh, Jonah there, comes in coleman green."

Larry; "He does, he does, so he would've......he would've melted in too much in the background, but we had to cut a mosquito netting off,"

Mr. Lunt: "Uh huh, right, right,"

Larry: "'Cause there's really no mosquitos in the desert,"

Mr. Lunt: "to speak of."

Larry: "That's right, so we did that, and we got 1 of those little uh, dome tent lights too, those are kinda nice."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah?"

Larry: "Those are new, they have the little magnetic backing."

Mr. Lunt: "What do they stick to?"

Larry: "They stick to each other, you put the magnet on the top of the tent."

Mr. Lunt: "Outside? you're kidding me."

Larry: "No, and then you take the little bottom of it, it's new."

Mr. Lunt: "So let me get on straight."

Larry: "There's a little tent light that you put on like that."

Mr. Lunt: "The magnet holds it from outside the tent?"

Larry: "That's right."

Mr. Lunt: "So if a bear comes along and pulls the magnet off the top of the tent, the light is gonna fall on your head."

Larry: "Well I think that's the least of your worries if a bear comes along."

Mr. Lunt: "I don't think that's such a good idea, but how did--I bumped the mic again."

Larry: "Watch out for the mic."

Mr. Lunt: "I'm so sorry, I'm just sticulating wildly, how did we get the map to be so big? was it a big map? or was it a little Jonah? what did we do there?"

Larry: "To get it so big?"

Mr. Lunt: "What's the magic?"

Larry: "Well we went to a football field."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah?"

Larry: "Yeah, yeah, uh-"

Mr. Lunt: "That's all it took?"

Larry: "Yeah, just a football field, and we just painted it, you know, the crew normally puts on you know, that team logo and you know that-"

Mr. Lunt: "Right, I've seen that before."

Larry: "But we just got a bunch of chalk,"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah?"

Larry: "And those guys.....those guys just did it like, you know, Israel, they painted the whole football field to look like Israel."

Mr. Lunt: "And then Archibald there, he hopped around on the giant chalk map?"

Larry: "He did, he did, and then we had to do uh......uh......a technical-"

Mr. Lunt: "Wire removal?"

Larry: "Similar to wire removal, yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "Holy mackerel."

Larry: "To get all the chalk dust out."

Mr. Lunt: "Off of his feet?"

Larry: "Off of his feet, yep."

Mr. Lunt: "Yep, man, that's great."

Larry: "Yep."

Mr. Lunt: "You know, Pa's hat is about the size of a small volkswagon."

Larry: "It is pretty big."

Mr. Lunt: "How did he......he manage? is there any wire removal involved?"

Larry: "I don't think so, but he did work out about uh, starting 6 months before he started the film, to really get his uh, neck muscles really strong."

Mr. Lunt: "Right."

Larry: "You know, the tic-tac-toe on his uh, hat there,"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, I see that."

Larry: "this is interesting because in the the restaurant here, it's a little bit more faded than it is in the movie, 'cause you know, they're telling a story back from the good ol' days when their costumes weren't quite so dirty."

Mr. Lunt: "Right."

Larry: "But, the tic-tac-toe is new for this film because before that, he had a lot of different things on his hat, he had like, the little uh, skull and cross bones on top,"

Mr. Lunt: "Right."

Larry: "that was a little scary, so we had to go with something else."

Mr. Lunt: "Right."

Larry: "and I forget what he had, what did he have in the uh......Ultimate Silly Song ?"

Mr. Lunt: "I don't know, a smiley face, he had a smiley face."

Larry: "Yeah, and I like the tic-tac-toe though."

Mr. Lunt: "The tic-tac-toe is nice, so if you're remembering the restaurant, the food, I mean, honestly, do you remember the food that we were eating there?"

Larry: "Oh yeah, although they.....they really wanted to make sure that uh, you know, those shrimps were well cooked, I think."

Mr. Lunt: "It was disgusting."

Larry: "They were a little crunchy."

Mr. Lunt: "It made me sick."

Larry: "Did it make you sick?"

Mr. Lunt: "It made me ill, you know what they were feeding us? they were shrimps, they were wrapped in bacon, and then they were deep fried."

Larry: "Oh my goodness."

Mr. Lunt: "And they said it was their specialty,"

Larry: "Oh."

Mr. Lunt: "it made me ill."

Larry: "Now what were those things they call uh, hush puppies? what are those things?"

Mr. Lunt: "Hush puppies are fried puppies."

Larry: "Why's that?"

Mr. Lunt: "They don't tell you that,"

Larry: "I bet it makes you sick."

Mr. Lunt: "I'm telling you, and you know why they came up with the name? they tried to fry the 1st prawn, he was making noise, and they said hush, you see?"

Larry: "that's sad,"

Mr. Lunt: "that's terrible, holy mackerel,"

Larry: "no more hush puppies for me."

Mr. Lunt: "what kind of a world is it when places will serve you puppies that are hushed?"

Larry: "That's terrible."

Mr. Lunt: "We're trying to make a movie here, and they're serving us things that turn our stomachs and make us question our humanity."

Larry: "Well I think that's probably why they didn't show any food in the film." Mr. Lunt: "Have you ever been to Long John Silver's?"

Larry: "Is that around still?"

Mr. Lunt: "I don't know, but I been there,"

Larry: "Yeah?"

Mr. Lunt: "and they actually served fried frying stuff."

Larry: "That's a whole lot of frying."

Mr. Lunt: "They had-we had some actually, Long John Silver's catered 1 of the days on the set when we were in the restaurant,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "because the real kitchen was 150 years old and it didn't work very well,"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "and they fried the frying droppings, you ever had those?"

Larry: "I have, they're pretty tasty."

Mr. Lunt: "I think they're high in fat."

Larry: "You think so?"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, and I'm on a lowfat diet to try to keep my slendered gourdliness in shape."

Larry: "Uh oh."

Mr. Lunt: "Which, you know, this is a real key to my success in show business,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "and I cannot eat fried fat." 

Larry: "In moderation."

Mr. Lunt: "That's right,"

Larry: "Uh huh, yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "I'm telling you. oh, man."

Larry: "You know Long John Silver, I been reading uh......uh......Treasure Island."

Mr. Lunt: "Is that so?"

Larry: "Yeah, yeah, I have, it's a really cool book, but that Long John, he's not a very nice guy."

Mr. Lunt: "But then why did he make the restaurant?"

Larry: "I don't know, well he was a cook in the book."

Mr. Lunt: "Really?"

Larry: "Yeah, yeah, he was a cook."

Mr. Lunt: "He was the 1 who hushed the puppies?"

Larry: "Yes he was."

Mr. Lunt: "Holy mackerel."

Larry: "And knowing him, he could've done it, he wasn't very nice."

Mr. Lunt: "Oh man, you know you'll learn something every day,"

Larry: "Yeah, I know."

Mr. Lunt: "I always said that, you know, if I don't accomplish any today, at least I'm gonna learn something, and tomorrow, I'll be able to remember why I didn't accomplish anything."

Larry: "Uh, at all."

Mr. Lunt: "Right."

Larry: "Right."

Mr. Lunt: "Back to the film."

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "Hey, I just noticed something."

Larry: "What's that?"

Mr. Lunt: "What's that TV back there? is it broken?"

Larry: "Oh, um, um-"

Mr. Lunt: "How are they gonna watch Alf if the TV's broken?"

Larry: "Well, you know, that was the TV from um, I believe that was the TV from uh, Barbara Manatee : Endangered Love, that we only saw the back of."

Mr. Lunt: "You're making that up."

Larry: "Uh, I don't know, I meant, I can't remember, that might be true, that might not be true."

Mr. Lunt: "It doesn't look big enough. oh, is that a beautiful shot or what?"

Larry: "That's gorgeous, that's where you were steering."

Mr. Lunt: "Oh, I was steering."

Larry: "I think you were steering."

Mr. Lunt: "Then why's Pa saying Sorry, my fault?"

Larry: "Oh, oh maybe it was Pa that was steering."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, you spoke him that on me, man."

Larry: "Sorry."

Mr. Lunt: "What great water, what beautiful vistas, you know, you know, I don't that even Pixar could make a shot like that."

Larry: "Uh oh."

Mr. Lunt: "What do you think?"

Larry: "I hope you don't eat those words."

Mr. Lunt: "Oh, no way, man, this is way too beautiful."

Larry: "Well, uh, I seen some stuff from Finding Nemo, looks pretty cool."

Mr. Lunt: "Well, yeah, but it's-they can't be on top of the water, that's too expensive."

Larry: "Oh, just under the water?"

Mr. Lunt: "That's too hard,"

Larry: "Oh, to be on top of the water?"

Mr. Lunt: "we can be on top."

Larry: "Oh we can be on top of the water."

Mr. Lunt: "In our film, we were on top of the water."

Larry: "Oh yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "You see that?"

Larry: "I saw that, we were on top of the water."

Mr. Lunt: "And-And we went under the water," 

Larry: "Wow." 

Mr. Lunt: "we got like, what? 3 shots from under the water?" 

Larry: "I think so, you know what they call that in Hollywood?" 

Mr. Lunt: "Expensive." 

Larry: "A hyphenate. we're above water, slash, under water." 

Mr. Lunt: "That's right," 

Larry: "Uh huh." 

Mr. Lunt: "hush puppy." 

Larry: "yeah." 

Mr. Lunt: "Shhhhh." 

Larry: "Okay, oh, here's the good 1." 

Mr. Lunt: "Okay." 

Larry: "Here's where he goes down in-into the hold of the ship." 

Mr. Lunt: "This was uh, shot on a sound stage, was it in Burbank?" 

Larry: "I think it was-I think-aren't all sound stages in Burbank?" 

Mr. Lunt: "I'm pretty sure they are," 

Larry: "Uh huh." 

Mr. Lunt: "So's Johnny Carson." 

Larry: "Yeah. no wait, that's Jay Leno now, okay, here we go, okay, this is good because this is where Khalil comes in." 

Mr. Lunt: "Right? where did we find Khalil?" 

Larry: "Well," 

Mr. Lunt: "Do you remember? would you like to tell them that story? or should I tell it?" 

Larry: "Uh, no, no, I'll tell it, you know, well he was, I had a-I had a flat tire out on a 98," 

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah?" 

Larry: "it caused out the Amoco motor club," 

Mr. Lunt: "Right?" 

Larry: "Well, you know, some people recommend triple A," 

Mr. Lunt: "Right?" 

Larry: "You know, some people recommend different types of auto clubs, I been quite happy with the Amoco motor club." 

Mr. Lunt: "Really?" 

Larry: "Uh, yeah, they did good, so I gave 'em a call," 

Mr. Lunt: "Is it still called the Amoco motor club or is it the VP motor club?" 

Larry: "I think it might be VP now." 

Mr. Lunt: "Alright." 

Larry: "Well I don't know, Amoco, you know, they still got a free strong you know, brand, but anyway, um, I called the-the tow truck and-and-" 

Mr. Lunt: "Khalil showed up?" 

Larry: "Yeah, Khalil showed up." 

Mr. Lunt: "I thought they-" 

Larry: "He was the nicest guy." 

Mr. Lunt: "They didn't-I thought you met him in traffic court." 

Larry: "Well that was after he towed me," 

Mr. Lunt: "Oh." 

Larry: "'cause what ended up happening was uh, you know, he hitched up the car 'cause I got 2 flat tires and it wasn't due to porcupines, but it did give me the idea about the porcupines." 

Mr. Lunt: "Right, I can see why that would give you an idea about porcupines." 

Larry: "Yeah, so anyways, so we hooked him to my car and he's pulling out in the inter-state and he sideswipes a state trooper." 

Mr. Lunt: "You're kidding me." 

Larry: "No, he does, he side swipes a state trooper," 

Mr. Lunt: "Boy, that can get you in trouble." 

Larry: "Oh yeah, it really upsets, so I got to go to traffic court as a witness," 

Mr. Lunt: "Right?" 

Larry: "to say the state trooper didn't have his lights on," 

Mr. Lunt: "Right?" 

Larry: "you know, but uh, 'cause it was kinda dusk, you know? it was 1 of those, it was kind of an invidious time to have your lights on or off, so," 

Mr. Lunt: "Right?" 

Larry: "but that-anyway, so we're-" 

Mr. Lunt: "Invidious? pretty big word for a cucumber." 

Larry: "Uh, yeah, but um, so we're in traffic court, with the state trooper and uh, and Khalil, and uh, he ended up getting the ticket, it's really sad." 

Mr. Lunt: "Oh man, so that's how, can-can I tell the rest of the story?" 

Larry: "Sure, sure." 

Mr. Lunt: "That's how we got him involved with the film because he was wandering around in downtown Chicago outside traffic court, and he was-he was um, moaning," 

Larry: "Uh huh." 

Mr. Lunt: "he was moaning, saying Woe is me, I cannot pay this ticket.

Larry: "It's pretty steep price when you sideswipe a state trooper." 

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, it can be rather um, large." 

Larry: "Expensive, I think it was like, you know, 5, 10 or bucks." 

Mr. Lunt: "And so you know, 'cause I'm always thinking," 

Larry: "Uh huh." 

Mr. Lunt: "every minute of the day and night, I'm thinking." 

Larry: "Uh oh." 

Mr. Lunt: "Did you know that?" 

Larry: "I did not know that." 

Mr. Lunt: "I'm thinking right now." 

Larry: "Wow." 

Mr. Lunt: "I am. so I was thinking we have a window of opportunity," 

Larry: "Uh huh." 

Mr. Lunt: "to procure a talent for our film at a very low cost." 

Larry: "Is that what you thought?" 

Mr. Lunt: "That's what I exactly what I was thinking." 

Larry; "You know when you say that, it reminds me of Rosanna-Rosanna Dana." 

Mr. Lunt: "You know, my good friend, Lorne Michaels once told me that very same thing." 

Larry: "Oh yeah, you said that, didn't you?" 

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, I did." 

Larry: "Okay." 

Mr. Lunt: "So we hired him and the whole fit total for the bill, was paying for his parking ticket, that's what he got." 

Larry: "Oh yeah? the 500 bucks?" 

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, that's what we paid him to be in the movie, and he's the next Macaulay Culkin," 

Larry: "Oh yeah." 

Mr. Lunt: "just like that, it went, in that 1 shot, he put his little hands on his face," 

Larry: "Oh yeah?" 

Mr. Lunt: "he says-" 

Larry: "just like the big scream." 

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah." 

Larry: "Macaulay, right?" 

Mr. Lunt: "That's right, when Jonah says I'm running from God." 

Larry: "Oh yeah, yeah that's right, he goes-" 

Larry and Mr. Lunt: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! 

Mr. Lunt: "Just like Macaulay Culkin," 

Larry: "just like him." 

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, thinking you know, this'll be great until you know, 10 years later, when he's you know, still the next Macaulay Culkin and it's no longer a compliment," 

Larry: "Uh oh." 

Mr. Lunt: "if you know what I mean." 

Larry: "Yeah." 

Mr. Lunt: "I think you know what I mean." 

Larry: "I know what you mean." 

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, so does Lorne Michaels." 

Larry: "He does. you know what? its it okay if I go to the bathroom?" 

Mr. Lunt: "No, you can't go to the bathroom." 

Larry: "Can we stop film? okay, okay, I'm back." 

Mr. Lunt: "Oh." 

Larry: "I'm back." 

Mr. Lunt: "Thank you for coming back, you know I don't think Federico Fellini has ever taken a bathroom break during 1 of his DVD commentaries." 

Larry: "You don't think so?" 

Mr. Lunt: "No." 

Larry: "Well, that's uh, it's my fault, really." 

Mr. Lunt: "Oh why? 'cause he's got class." 

Larry: "Well, I had a lot of caffeinated beverage products before I started this thing." 

Mr. Lunt: "Maaaan," 

Larry: "I'm sorry." 

Mr. Lunt: "that stuff will rot your brain." 

Larry: "I'm sorry." 

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, don't let it happen again." 

Larry: "It's early, it's early, you know-" 

Mr. Lunt: "Were you gonna have to go again? or can we make it to the rest of the movie?" 

Larry: "No, I'll just eat uh, you know, a pretzel or something." 

Mr. Lunt: "But don't have any prunes." 

Larry: "No, I'm not gonna have any prunes." 

Mr. Lunt: "You have-put some prunes over on the other side of the room." 

Larry: "Oh, I don't-okay." 

Mr. Lunt: "That's more like it. so what's going on here in this film?" 

Larry: "Okay, this is when uh, oh yeah, oh yeah, Jonah goes to sleep," 

Mr. Lunt: "Uh huh." 

Larry: "and this is right before the big dream." 

Mr. Lunt: "Oh yeah, the big dream." 

Larry: "So, so now the-the big dream, we used the same football fields for the big dream," 

Mr. Lunt: "We did?" 

Larry: "as we used for the map," 

Mr. Lunt: "Right?" 

Larry: "Yeah, we just got a big fog machine and fogged it all up." 

Mr. Lunt: "Wow, well wasn't that the day after they had that Rolling Stones concert?" 

Larry: "Uh, well, uh-" 

Mr. Lunt: "it was their fog machine, right?" 

Larry: "Oh yeah, it was their fog machine, yep." 

Mr. Lunt: "They left it by accident 'cause they couldn't find it 'cause I put it in in that porta potty during the intermission of their concert," 

Larry: "Oh yeah." 

Mr. Lunt: "so when they cleaned up," 

Larry: "Uh huh." 

Mr. Lunt: "I just said I gotta go to the bathroom like you just did a few moments ago," 

Larry: "Oh yeah." 

Mr. Lunt: "by getting out the fog machine, badda boom, badda bing," 

Larry: "we got a dream sequence." 

Mr. Lunt: "with smoke all filled, and we got a dream sequence." 

Larry: "Brilliant." 

Mr. Lunt: "Lickity split, you know how much that saved us?" 

Larry: "Probably at least 65 bucks." 

Mr. Lunt: "At least it's-well, yeah, and we didn't have to use union talent to turn on the fog machine," 

Larry: "Okay." 

Mr. Lunt: "Oh yes." 

Larry: "That's another 20 bucks." 

Mr. Lunt: "That's like a million right there." 

Larry: "Okay." 

Mr. Lunt: "But uh, the water, we had to flood the field to give that watery effect." 

Larry: "Yeah, well, no, no, no, we didn't use the football field for that," 

Mr. Lunt: "What?" 

Larry: "we went indoors, see we did a quick cut to indoors to an ice skating rink, and we just melted the ice," 

Mr. Lunt: "Uh huh." 

Larry: "and that's how we got the water." 

Mr. Lunt: "Really?" 

Larry: "Yep." 

Mr. Lunt: "I was thinking-" 

Larry: "'Cause it would cost way too much to flood a whole football field." 

Mr. Lunt: "You know, there's 1 word you could use to describe us as producers," 

Larry: "Uh huh." 

Mr. Lunt: "it is resourceful," 

Larry: "Yep, yeah." 

Mr. Lunt: "you say?" 

Larry: "Yeah, I say resourceful." 

Mr. Lunt: "I met that little worm guy." 

Larry: "He had very limited resources," 

Mr. Lunt: "Right, we got him in just by paying his traffic ticket," 

Larry: "Uh huh." 

Mr. Lunt: "we took advantage of the fact that the Rolling Stones are so old that they don't remember where they put their fog machine," 

Larry: "That's right, we found uh, some porcupine talent in a Chuck E. Cheese in the laundromat," 

Mr. Lunt: "Right." 

Larry: "That's right." 

Mr. Lunt: "It's a good thing we are such ad lib consumers of pop culture," 

Larry: "Uh huh." 

Mr. Lunt: "or we would be unlikely to have made such a masterpiece, which people are already hailing as the Lawrence of Arabia for our generation as this." 

Larry; "They're hailing it as that?" 

Mr. Lunt: "My mom said that." 

Larry: "She did?" 

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah." 

Larry: "Lawrence of Arabia? she has an actual good scene-" 

Mr. Lunt: "You actually should see Lawrence of Arabia," 

Larry: "Oh." 

Mr. Lunt: "but I told her about it." 

Larry: "Oh yeah, that had a camel and a guy in the khakis." 

Mr. Lunt: "It had a camel, there's the guy in the khakis," 

Larry: "Uh huh." 

Mr. Lunt: "he's British," 

Larry: "Uh huh." 

Mr. Lunt: "it goes on with the thing with the sand and the people of the sand," 

Larry: "That makes sense then." 

Mr. Lunt: "and good things happen again, does that have a happy ending or sad ending? I can't even remember now." 

Larry: "Lawrence of Arabia?" 

Mr. Lunt: "I was in the bathroom." 

Larry: "It's bitter-sweet." 

Mr. Lunt: "Bitter-sweet like uh, like The English Patient?" 

Larry: "Yeah, something like that." 

Mr. Lunt: "Was it you say?" 

Larry: "Yeah." 

Mr. Lunt: "Boy, that movie made me cry." 

Larry: "Did it really? I never saw The English Patient," 

Mr. Lunt: "Holy mackerel." 

Larry: "is that the 1 with that big plane crashes in the sand?" 

Mr. Lunt: "Oh, oh yeah, you know, some people, they have the worst luck, it's like bad things that keep happening to them over and over and over and you think they would just give up, but they don't, they get up and they go, and they keep on going, like, like this film, for example, when we wanted to give up because it was so hard." 

Larry: "Like uh, during the storm sequence?" 

Mr. Lunt: "Like during the storm when we were soaked to the bone." 

Larry: "Although you wouldn't know it from looking at it 'cause you know, look all that wet." 

Mr. Lunt: "No, when the film didn't pick it up." 

Larry: "Oh yeah, it didn't pick up the shimmer of wetness?" 

Mr. Lunt: "No, but the shimmer of wetness is elusive to the film." 

Larry: "Yeah, and that there's really no uh, rain drops to speak of." 

Mr. Lunt: "'Of course you know what I think it is, I think it's because we actually shot the film digitally," 

Larry: "Oh, yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "we did not use film,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "to shoot the film."

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "isn't that ironic? they did not use film for my film, ha!"

Larry: "Yeah, that's like uh-"

Mr. Lunt: "What is that?"

Larry: "That's like having a new album coming out."

Mr. Lunt: "Right, it's like, what?"

Larry: "New album."

Mr. Lunt: "Oh yeah,"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "like saying I did not think about my thoughts, I did not, I can't think of anything else."

Larry: "Well that-Well that's true,  I can't think of anything else either."

Mr. Lunt: "Right, but you know why we didn't shoot it on film."

Larry: "Why?"

Mr. Lunt: "Well, because I was at the laundromat,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "and I picked up someone's underwear by mistake,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "and they said on the band,"

Larry: "Yeah?"

Mr. Lunt: "G. Lucas ."

Larry: "G. Lucas ?"

Mr. Lunt: "G. Lucas , on the band, and I look over and right next to me, there's a guy washing his Wookie suit,"

Larry: "His Wookie suit? wow."

Mr. Lunt: "and it's George Lucas."

Larry: "Woooooow."

Mr. Lunt: "He says-he says you know,  I have to come down to the dry cleaners to wash my Wookie suit, because it don't fit in my washer at home."

Larry: "Oh, oh, well that's like my sleeping bags,"

Mr. Lunt: "Right."

Larry: "that's exactly why I went to the laundromat to wash my sleeping bags."

Mr. Lunt: "Right, I'm telling you that's right."

Larry: "Okay."

Mr. Lunt: "It is a fine line,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "in terms of just volume, not necessarily texture,"

Larry: "uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "between a sleeping bag and a Wookie suit."

Larry: "Oh yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "So I'm standing there in the dry cleaners with George Lucas and I realize I'm holding his underpants,"

Larry: "Oh yeah?"

Mr. Lunt: "Which is a little embarrassing, but you know, it's-it's an opportunity as well."

Larry: "So why does George Lucas have to put his name on his own underpants?"

Mr. Lunt: "So he won't lose them at camp."

Larry: "At camp?"

Mr. Lunt: "He goes to Film Makers Camp,"

Larry: "Oh yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "with that-that Coppola guy,"

Larry: "Oh yeah,"

Mr. Lunt: "and Spielberg guy, and Spielberg and Scorsese, they all go to Film Makers Camp together, it's where they got so-so edgy and textural."

Larry: "Oh, okay."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, they go to Film Makers Camp when they do trust alls with their cameras,"

Larry: "Oh."

Mr. Lunt: "they push over the tripod,"

Larry: "Okay."

Mr. Lunt: "and they trusted their other film makers were catchy."

Larry: "Were catchy, oh."

Mr. Lunt: "I really liked that."

Larry: "We should do that."

Mr. Lunt: "George was too scared to even try it for the 1st 3 years,"

Larry: "Okay."

Mr. Lunt: "'cause you know, but that's okay, I said George, you'll get over it, so he says you know, If you're making a film, 1st of all, give me my underpants back,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "2nd of all, shoot digitally,"

Larry: "Oh yeah, yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "'cause he said that's the future."

Larry: "Digitally is the future where it doesn't pick up wet."

Mr. Lunt: "It does-but he said I have to warn you about 1 thing: if you shoot digitally, your characters will not look wet,"

Larry: "Okay."

Mr. Lunt: "they will look dry."

Larry: "Okay now, I'm thinking back to uh....Return of the Clones,"

Mr. Lunt: "Right?"

Larry: "Return of the Clones or Return of-oh no, it was Attack of the Clones,"

Mr. Lunt: "Send in the Clowns."

Larry: "the Jedi returned and the clones attacked."

Mr. Lunt: "Right."

Larry: "Now, okay, so there's this big rain scene-"

Mr. Lunt: "Good thing there wasn't a big Panther attack."

Larry: "Remember that-remember that rain scene in a rain planet?"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah that was rainy alright."

Larry: "Yeah, I'm just trying to remember if people looked wet."

Mr. Lunt: "Oh, no, they looked dry."

Larry: "They were all dry? they were just the rain drops, but everybody else looked dry?"

Mr. Lunt: "Right,"

Larry: "Okay."

Mr. Lunt: "'cause the camera, they don't pick it up,"

Larry: "Yeah, they were digital."

Mr. Lunt: "and look, what's with this boat motor thing?"

Larry: "Oh, oh, well this is the Moose-uh........Moose Lake connection,"

Mr. Lunt: "Right?"

Larry: "'cause we got a bunch of buddies in Moose Lake in uh.....1 of  them let us use their motor."

Mr. Lunt: "Well that was very nice of them, but-"

Larry: "Uh huh, you know, you can pull like, 8 water skiiers behind that motor," 

Mr. Lunt: "You're kidding me." 

Larry: "Tommy Bartlett used to use that exact motor in a show at the dell," 

Mr. Lunt: "That was the Tommy Bartlett official motor?" 

Larry: "It was, and I think, I think more than 8, I think Tommy could pull like, you know, 40 water skiiers behind those things." 

Mr. Lunt: "But only if you stack 'em up, right?" 

Larry: "Yeah, you just stack 'em up in a big pyramid." 

Mr. Lunt: "You gotta stack 'em." 

Larry: "Yeah, you gotta stack 'em high, watch 'em fly, okay." 

Mr. Lunt: "That's what Tommy used to say?" 

Larry: "That's what he used to say." 

Mr. Lunt: "You know Tommy tried to shoot digitally," 

Larry: "Uh huh." 

Mr. Lunt: "but he didn't have what it took," 

Larry: "No, he didn't." 

Mr. Lunt: "he didn't have 'cause you know, he was 1 of the kids that got kicked outta Film Makers Camp." 

Larry: "Yeah, I think he did, yeah, he had high 8 though, but I think he got-I think he got to high 8," 

Mr. Lunt: "A minus 8 or low 8." 

Larry: "and then they had that new uh, digital 8 that you can play highly back in." 

Mr. Lunt: "That just confuses me, I'm thinking there's too many formats now," 

Larry: "Yeah." 

Mr. Lunt: "you know, it's like the periodic table on formats, and I'm just a simple decorative gourd, and I can't keep them all straight." 

Larry: "I get a tape, and I don't know whether to put it in my cassette player, in my high 8 tech, in my CD Rom drive," 

Mr. Lunt: "Right." 

Larry: "you know, it's really confusing." 

Mr. Lunt: "Sometimes I just put them in my mouth." 

Larry: "Yeah, yeah they all taste about the same." 

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, yeah and I can think of the music, I find if I put the tape in my mouth," 

Larry: "Uh huh." 

Mr. Lunt: "I can think of the music," 

Larry: "Really?" 

Mr. Lunt: "that is on the tape." 

Larry: "Wow, just how the oxide tastes?" 

Mr. Lunt: "I don't even know, I don't even know, at least I think it had something to do with my sinuses." 

Larry: "Oh really?" 

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah." 

Larry: "Wow, like uh, like the barometer going down or something." 

Mr. Lunt: "Something like that, or my corns." 

Larry: "Oh." 

Mr. Lunt: "You know corns?" 

Larry: "Well, I know a couple of corns," 

Mr. Lunt: "Right. okay. so tell me about this duck." 

Larry: "Oh, that's my little rubber ducky." 

Mr. Lunt: "Right?" 

Larry: "Yeah, I had him ever since I was 5." 

Mr. Lunt: "What made you wanna put him in the movie? 'cause he seems to have been put in that great perol." 

Larry: "Well, when I 1st learned how to swim, it was actually uh, right up near Tommy Bartlett's place, up in the dells," 

Mr. Lunt: "Right?" 

Larry: "And we checked in to 1 of those hotels with a you know, like a big water park?" 

Mr. Lunt: "Oh I love those." 

Larry: "Yeah, with slides and everything." 

Mr. Lunt: "Except there's so much chlorine in the air, it makes my eyes burn," 

Larry: "Oh yeah." 

Mr. Lunt: "I don't even have eyes." 

Larry: "Oh, boy, yeah, it's really-you know, that can be pretty bad, but I thought, okay, you know, since I don't know how to swim, I might as well go into 1 of the gift shops and get a-a little floater thing, so I went in there and saw this ducky," 

Mr. Lunt: "Right?" 

Larry: "and I just loved it, and so uh," 

Mr. Lunt: "you swim with your duck?" 

Larry: "I love my duck, yep, so which uh-" 

Mr. Lunt: "big something of a song." 

Larry: "Yeah, uh huh. so but anyway, so I got this duck, and uh, I just, I had him forever, he's been like my best friend," 

Mr. Lunt: "I see." 

Larry: "so I thought Jonah would be able to use him." 

Mr. Lunt: "Oh that was very uh, considerate of you," 

Larry: "Yeah, thanks." 

Mr. Lunt: "so we're coming up on some quite a little scene here, right, coming up here." 

Larry: "Oh look at that duck," 

Mr. Lunt: "That's nice." 

Larry: "He looks good, it's his good side, his left, his left cheeks and side." 

Mr. Lunt: "Oh, something's happening, see? underwater, see?" 

Larry: "Oh yeah," 

Mr. Lunt: "that's-" 

Larry: "Oh yeah," 

Mr. Lunt: "you know-" 

Larry: "Oh yeah." 

Mr. Lunt: "Pixar got nothing on that." 

Larry: "That's right." 

Mr. Lunt: "That's-oh boy, that's-" 

Larry: "There's no Nemo up on top of the water." 

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, with Steve Jobs, I was talking to Steve Jobs the other day," 

Larry: "Uh huh." 

Mr. Lunt: "did you know that?" 

Larry: "No, I didn't know that." 

Mr. Lunt: "I was at the drive-thru-" 

Larry: "At the drive-thru?" 

Mr. Lunt: "of Jack-In-The-Box." 

Larry: "Oh, okay." 

Mr. Lunt: "It was the Jack-In-The-Box drive-thru and the guy in front of me," 

Larry: "Uh huh." 

Mr. Lunt: "is saying This burrito is insanely great." 

Larry: "Insanely great?" 

Mr. Lunt: "Yes, and he said to the Jack In The Box guy You people need to think different about how you mark your burritos." 

Larry: "Think outta the box? did he say think outta the box?" 

Mr. Lunt: "No, he didn't say that, I said Hey, are you Steve Jobs? the captain of Apple and Pixar both at the same time? going back and forth like a crazy fool? and he said Well yes I am, and you know what I said?" 

Larry: "What did you say?" 

Mr. Lunt: "I-I can't even remember why I started this story." 

Larry: "Well because we're talking about uh, about the water," 

Mr. Lunt: "Oh, right." 

Larry: "something underwater." 

Mr. Lunt: "I said You know, Steve Jobs, I love your you know, everything you ever done, I loved your work in The Godfather, you know, I loved what you did with um, the Lisa computer," 

Larry: "Oh yeah." 

Mr. Lunt: "that was-" 

Larry: "I remember that 1." 

Mr. Lunt: "I loved that." 

Larry: "Was he in that commodore 64 stuff?" 

Mr. Lunt: "No, he didn't have nothing to do with that." 

Larry: "No, oh that's good." 

Mr. Lunt: "No, I don't think 'cause his name wasn't-he wasn't in the commodores," 

Larry: "No." 

Mr. Lunt: "in the Beatles song about being 64, that had nothing to do with that either, so that uh-hey look, there's the whale, oh," 

Larry: "Oh he's a great guy." 

Mr. Lunt: "what a nice whale, where did we get the whale?" 

Larry: "Well the whale, I met at the Car Wash." 

Mr. Lunt: "You gotta be kidding me." 

Larry: "Yeah, you know those, it was actually called a whale of a car wash," 

Mr. Lunt: "Oh right." 

Larry: "that was the name of the car wash." 

Mr. Lunt: "It was a themed car wash?" 

Larry: "It was a themed car wash," 

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah. wow." 

Larry: "and he was selling shammies, and um-" 

Mr. Lunt: "How would a whale sell shammies exactly?" 

Larry: "Well he's got flippers," 

Mr. Lunt: "Okay." 

Larry: "so you give a quarter, he gives you a shammy, and he's able to stay moist, because of the whole car wash thing," 

Mr. Lunt: "Right?"    

Larry: "so he just gets sprayed down every 15 minutes."

Mr. Lunt: "But if shot digitally, would he look moist?"

Larry: "No, he didn't, but fortunately, we didn't have to shoot him for the uh......."

Mr. Lunt: "Ohhh."

Larry: "You know, at the car wash itself,"

Mr. Lunt: "Right."

Larry: "so because when you're under water, you don't have to look wet,"

Mr. Lunt: "Right. I noticed that when I watched The Little Mermaid,"

Larry: "That's right."

Mr. Lunt: "a classic film,"

Larry: "That's right."

Mr. Lunt: "that represented the rebirth of the classic Disney storytelling genre,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "and a wonderful orchestrations of-"

Larry: "Oh yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "Ashman and Minkin,"

Larry: "Menkin."

Mr. Lunt: "Menkin and Ashman."

Larry: " Have you seen those guys at like, a Burger King or something?"

Mr. Lunt: "No."

Larry: "No?"

Mr. Lunt: "1 of them died."

Larry: "Really?"

Mr. Lunt: "He's not going to Burger King now."

Larry: "Oh I'm sorry."

Mr. Lunt: "The other 1 might be,"

Larry: "Oh, okay."

Mr. Lunt: "I hope."

Larry: "Okay, he might-"

Mr. Lunt: "I haven't seen him, but anyway, The Little Mermaid, she doesn't look wet when she's under the water,"

Larry: "Uh, uh."

Mr. Lunt: "she just looks like her hair's just floating, like an angel, and I could-it made me-oh it's the most beautiful thing I ever saw."

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "That's what made me wanna go into film making."

Larry: "The Little Mermaid?"

Mr. Lunt: "The Little Mermaid, yeah, and almost The Great Mouse Detective, it almost made me wanna go into filming, but then I changed my mind."

Larry: "What about The Black Cauldron? what'd that do for you?"

Mr. Lunt: "The Black Cauldron, it made me wanna go into cooking."

Larry: "Oh, oh yeah?"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah."

Larry: "Okay."

Mr. Lunt: "I was thinking, Man, if I had a cauldron that black,"

Larry: "I don't wanna cook."

Mr. Lunt: "I never have to clean it, 'cause you know, you could never show dirt."

Larry: "Oh, you could make like, rock soup."

Mr. Lunt: "Rock soup?"

Larry: "I don't know, what do you call that soup when you just-you just keep making soup and you never let it go."

Mr. Lunt: "I don't know what you're talking about,"

Larry: "I don't know."

Mr. Lunt: "I think you call 'em a help whisperer."

Larry: "Oh look, look, here comes my ducky."

Mr. Lunt: "Wow, look at that, that was about the most amazing-was that a cameo? you called that a cameo?"

Larry: "No, 'cause he was in it from the scene before, he just did a cameo when he just kinda shows up a little bit."

Mr. Lunt: "I think,"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "like God in The Prince of Egypt

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "Right."

Larry: "Something like that, you know, but I think um, did we have any other cameos? let's see, what would be a good cameo in this 1?"

Mr. Lunt: "Wait, uh, cameos are expensive in computer animation you know,"

Larry: "Well yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "you know, you can't like,  in, say, The Muppet Movie,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "when they got, you know, that guy who made Citizen Kane, what's his name?"

Larry: "Orson Welles?"

Mr. Lunt: "Right."

Larry: "Yeah?"

Mr. Lunt: "He does a cameo in The Muppet Movie."

Larry: "He does?"

Mr. Lunt: "Doesn't he?"

Larry: "I don't-I remember seeing him."

Mr. Lunt: "And they got, like all sorts of people that do cameos because you know why?"

Larry: "Why?"

Mr. Lunt: "I don't know,"

Larry: "Oh."

Mr. Lunt: "I guess Jim Henson, he was real popular,"

Larry: "Okay."

Mr. Lunt: "so people wanted to help him, so they were all in the movie,"

Larry: "They were all in the movie?"

Mr. Lunt: "for like 3 or something."

Larry: "Well we got a lot of vegetables that we got popping in the movie,"

Mr. Lunt: "Like that guy who had the dummy, Charlie McCarthy, what's his name?"

Larry: " don't know."

Mr. Lunt: "Why am I-"

Larry: "Was that Burt Reynolds Cucumber?"

Mr. Lunt: "No, I don't think it's Burt Reynolds, he was not in that movie, but the other day, I saw Cannonball Run 2 on TV,"

Larry: "You did?"

Mr. Lunt: "it was on cable,"

Larry: "Wow."

Mr. Lunt: "Dom DeLuise,"

Larry: "Yeah, sure."

Mr. Lunt: "who was also a good voice in uh....what was 1 thing he was a voice in?"

Larry: "Smokey and the Bandits?"

Mr. Lunt: "Fievel Goes West,"

Larry: "Not Smokey and the Bandits?"

Mr. Lunt: "he was in that 1 too, but he was in Fievel Goes West, he was amazing, amazing work, he was, he, I'm telling you, he was like Laurence Olivier of character voices."

Larry: "Really? even more than Martin Short?"

Mr. Lunt: "Martin Short has only done like 3,"

Larry: "Really? he should do more."

Mr. Lunt: "He didn't go so well."

Larry: "He should do more."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah?"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "He was in Jimmy Neutron."

Larry: "He was?"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, see, then you even notice, I'm telling you, it's not going so well, unless he's like Dana Carvey and he can just disappear into his characters so completely that you forgot he's on the show."

Larry: "Turtle, turtle."

Mr. Lunt: "Right, like that."

Larry: "Turtle, turtle."

Mr. Lunt: "Only better, what's going on in our movie?"

Larry: "Oh yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "Who's idea was it to put the angels in the whale?"

Larry: "Oh, um, I think that was uh.......that was idea,"

Mr. Lunt: "Oh, that's a great idea."

Larry: "'cause these guys are great, these angels?"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, and they were great to work with, you know, they're very...very professional,"

Larry: "They're professional angels."

Mr. Lunt: "they go to uh, whose church did we find the choir at? I think it was uh....was it Archie's?"

Larry: "I think it was Archie's, yeah it was Archie's church."

Mr. Lunt: "He did a good job acting like he didn't know them."

Larry: "Yeah, he did."

Mr. Lunt: "you know, 'cause he teaches Sunday School with most of them,"

Larry: "Yep, yep, they sing in the choir,"

Mr. Lunt: "They sing in the choir,"

Larry: "which makes sense, 'cause they have the whole choir, they brought the whole choir there,"

Mr. Lunt: "and the funny thing is Archie tries to sing in the choir, but he doesn't really have rhythm so much, 'cause he's British,"

Larry: "That's right."

Mr. Lunt: "but he's not from Liverpool,"

Larry: "Right."

Mr. Lunt: "so he's at a great rhythmic disadvantage."

Larry: "That's right. but hey, he, you know, he got groovin' a little bit in this."

Mr. Lunt: "He got groovin' when we had you know,  'cause that was the Animatronic Archie."

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "Don't you-were you there that day?"

Larry: "Well, no, I wasn't there for that 1."

Mr. Lunt: "'cause that's the day I came in,"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "because I thought I needed to come in sooner or later, people wouldn't invite me to the wrap party,"

Larry: "Oh yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "so I came in that day,"

Larry: "Okay."

Mr. Lunt: "and it happened to be the day that Archibald was supposed to do his James Brown moves,"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "'kay, well he's-he's no more James Brown than I'm Phyllis Diller, let me just tell you that right now,"

Larry: "Okay, okay."

Mr. Lunt: "he could not do that to save his life."

Larry: "Oh, well, well with editing, you can do a lot of things though."

Mr. Lunt: "Well that's when we had to bring out the animatronic Archibald,"

Larry: "Okay."

Mr. Lunt: "with AA,"

Larry: "The AA? now is that the same guys that worked on the Jaws uh, shark in that?"

Mr. Lunt: "No, that was like, what? that was like, 40 years ago."

Larry: "But that's a pretty cool shark."

Mr. Lunt: "No, it was the guys who did the Pirates of the Caribbean,"

Larry: "Oh,the Pirates of the Caribbean, right."

Mr. Lunt: "They came in and they were imagineers, they'd been laid off, it was a big disaster, they all went out, they started their own company, so we hired them to do our animatronic Archibald here."

Larry: "Animatronic grooving Archie, groovy dancing Archie."

Mr. Lunt: "Right, he can only do 2 moves though, you push the 1st button, he does the 1st move, you push the 2nd button, he does the 2nd move, if you push them both at the same time, he breaks."

Larry: "Oh really? it's like a video game or something."

Mr. Lunt: "It's kinda like that,"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "but you know, it works, it costs 14 million dollars, I think we may have spend over on charge."

Larry: "Well, yeah, especially when we're only like, charging 65 bucks, you know,"

Mr. Lunt: "Right."

Larry: "but uh-"

Mr. Lunt: "I know."

Larry: "with our lead actor."

Mr. Lunt: "I know, you know, it happens, my life."

Larry: "I love this song,"

Mr. Lunt: "Oh yeah."

Larry: the stuff you doooooooo

Mr. Lunt: "Would you say this is 1 of the top 10 vegetable songs of all time?"

Larry: "I think so, I think it is."

Mr. Lunt: "Do they have a category at the Grammys or the Oscars for vegetable songs?"

Larry: "For vegetable songs? they should, they should, you know, we could start a trend."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, I think so."

Larry: "So anyway, when you showed up on the set of the whale,"

Mr. Lunt: "Well, yeah."

Larry: "what was it like?"

Mr. Lunt: "Oh, man, let me tell you what it was like, there was, well 1st of all, you got you know, 700 choir members nearly around at the craft table,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "if you don't know the lingo, the craft table, that's where you get your snacks, when you're working on a movie, if usually, they're loaded with donuts, 'cause for covering all that up, people want to eat in America any more, is donuts."

Larry: "Well that would explain why there were so many crispy cremes at Dunkin' Donuts."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, we actually had to bring in, we physically moved a crispy creme shop into the whale,"

Larry: "Wow."

Mr. Lunt: "just a piece of choir, supplied with donuts,"

Larry: "Wow."

Mr. Lunt: "because when their blood sugar started to drop, they got testy."

Larry: "Testy?"

Mr. Lunt: "Testy."

Larry: "so you need a cabin full of semar crispy cremes?"

Mr. Lunt: "This whole number, this whole scene, in fact, maybe I can say this whole movie is hired by crispy cremes donuts."

Larry: "Wo-how."

Mr. Lunt: "The whale, for example,"

Larry: "Was he all crispy creme powerful?"

Mr. Lunt: "he was, he was up to his eyeballs in crispy cremes,"

Larry: "Wow."

Mr. Lunt: "that's why he can dance in the water 'cause you never seen a whale dance under the water, right?"

Larry: "I never have."

Mr. Lunt: "I mean, I'm no Jacques Cousteau, but I don't think the whale can dance in the water, unless, he's got about 14 hundred crispy creme donuts,"

Larry: "Cremes."

Mr. Lunt: "stuck in his bayleen."

Larry: "I should try that, I should try that with my fish at home."

Mr. Lunt: "Have you ever had a donut stuck in your bayleen?"

Larry: "I don't think so, I don't think I'd want that."

Mr. Lunt: "You should thank your lucky star,"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "you know?"

Larry: "Yeah, I should."

Mr. Lunt: "'cause you think kicking a kidney stone is hard, try blowing a donut out your bayleen."

Larry: "Cut that, please, straight back from the record. oh look at that cue."

Mr. Lunt: "Ohhh, you know, that wasn't cheap either,"

Larry: "No, the candle?"

Mr. Lunt: "because they're now the safety requirements, you can't use real fire on the movie set anymore."

Larry: "Yeah, you gotta use those little uh, it's obviously those light bulbs with uh, those little, uh, pieces of uh, silk."

Mr. Lunt: "Right, it's like a little fan that blows the silk, the light bulb flickers, you think it's a flame, but it's not a flame."

Larry: "Nope, nope, yeah, we had 1 of those in the uh, VeggieTales Live show, in the campfire, 'cause remember after the 1st campfire that actually started uh, real fire."

Mr. Lunt: "Jimmy Gourd?"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "has lost his eyebrows?"

Larry: "Yep, yep,"

Mr. Lunt: "Poof!"

Larry: "that's dangerous."

Mr. Lunt: "Looks like a hinginberg."

Larry: "Oh, the humanity."

Mr. Lunt: "Oh, the gourdossity. here comes the whale when he gets sick, you know how we got him sick?"

Larry: "More crispy cremes."

Mr. Lunt: "More crispy cremes, yeah, again, crispy cremes were really the key to the film here, and this of course, the whale couldn't have, the whale can't actually spit like this,so what we had to do, we actually had to put Archibald and Khalil,"

Larry: "in a nuclear submarine."

Mr. Lunt: "in a nuclear submarine,"

Larry: "Yep."

Mr. Lunt: "it was a Russian sub,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "and then we had to create an international incident,"

Larry: "Oh, okay."

Mr. Lunt: "you get them to fire."

Larry: "Fire, okay."

Mr. Lunt: "Right."

Larry: "Okay."

Mr. Lunt: "Unfortunately, let me just say, fortunately, they fired the right tube."

Larry: "Oh yeah, yeah, they would've uh, they would've wiped out uh, Christmas Island."

Mr. Lunt: "Wait, it would've been disastrous,"

Larry: "Yeah, yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "absolutely disastrous."

Larry: "I don't think anybody lives there, but there would've been a whole lot of birds without-"

Mr. Lunt: "You have to be very careful when you-"

Larry: "Oh wait, wait, here comes the scene."

Mr. Lunt: "Oh, oh look, is this the thing with the Lawrence of Arabia shot?

Larry: "Yep, this is why this film is the Lawrence of Arabia for our generation."

Mr. Lunt: "Right, and then we put even put that little bush in the same spot, I know that I-"

Larry: "You know, I found that bush,"

Mr. Lunt: "in the bush."

Larry: "we went-you were in the bush?"

Mr. Lunt: "I was."

Larry: "Something told me that was the exact same bush they used in Laurence of Arabia."

Mr. Lunt: "They say a gourd in the bush is better than 2 in a hand,"

Larry: "Really?"

Mr. Lunt: "I have no idea what that means though."

Larry: "I don't know either, because I heard that they track down that bush, it was living in Morocco,"

Mr. Lunt: "Right?"

Larry: "And uh, you know, he was, he was living in 1 of those hotels,"

Mr. Lunt: "Right?"

Larry: "you know, from month to month, it has been kinda outta work for like 30 or 40 years,"

Mr. Lunt: "Right?"

Larry: "and he was just thrilled to come back and play a cameo part in Jonah."

Mr. Lunt: "I bet he was,"

Larry: "He was."

Mr. Lunt: "you know, 'cause, worked for bushes is, is, you know, is after Prince of Egypt, if you....if you are far between."

Larry: "Far between, unless you're in politics, work in plans."]

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, even the bush that was in The Prince of Egypt,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "it took him 2 years to recover from the burns,"

Larry: "That's right."

Mr. Lunt: "and it's very hard to get work when you got scars."

Larry: "Yeah, oh, I know, but remember the uh, singing bush from uh, 3 Amigos?"

Mr. Lunt: "He was a good bush,"

Larry: "That was a good bush,"

Mr. Lunt: "and that was a good part,"

Larry: "That was a really good part, I don't think he'll have any problems finding work."

Mr. Lunt: "and you remember George Bush?"

Larry: "Yeah, sure."

Mr. Lunt: "he's got a good job,"

Larry: "He's got a good job."

Mr. Lunt: "if he could handle the stress, I guess,"

Larry: "Yep, yep."

Mr. Lunt: "but I don't know what's more stressful to be president of United States or to be a bush that gets set on fire,"

Larry: "Yeah, yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "it was for the making of the motion picture,"

Larry: "It'd be a hard thing to consider."

Mr. Lunt: "you know life is full of choices,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "that's what my mother told me."

Larry: "Really?"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah,"

Larry: "Okay."

Mr. Lunt: "then she told me to wear the red shirt."

Larry: "You didn't have any choices about that?"

Mr. Lunt: "No, I could not make up my mind, I was a rather indecisive gourd when I was small than being a decorative gourd, you don't really know what life has in store for you."

Larry: "Yeah, you might end up like a bush, you know."

Mr. Lunt: "A bush?"

Larry: "Yeah, either on fire or outta work?"

Mr. Lunt: "Right, you don' don't know,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "now these guys are kinda fun,"

Larry: "Oh yeah, they're the....they're the Liverpool peas."

Mr. Lunt: "We-We found them-where did we find them again? was that the casting call we did and uh-"

Larry: "Yeah, this is the casting call that we did down in uh....Tampa."

Mr. Lunt: "Right, Tampa, that's right, I was thinking of St. Pete."

Larry: "No, St. Pete is where we found the uh.......that's where we found the sheep."

Mr. Lunt: "The sheep, right, the sheep were in St. Pete,"

Larry: "Yep."

Mr. Lunt: "they were all retirees,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "Right? yeah?"

Larry: "They had retired from uh.....from uh.....Wallace and Gromit."

Mr. Lunt: "Right, they....they were wonderful people, but their knees were all shot."

Larry: "Yeah, but they....but they still could hop like twice their height."

Mr. Lunt: "That-well we had that wire removal,"

Larry: "Oh, yeah, all wire removal?"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, you know, it can do almost anything, you know, like I could be....I could be asleep,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "and you could make me act a scene,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "with wire removal."

Larry: "Really?"

Mr. Lunt: "Oh yeah, they do it all the time."

Larry: "Wow, that's like a marionette kind of-"

Mr. Lunt: "Tom Cruise and minority reports,"

Larry: "Wire removal?"

Mr. Lunt: "He was never actually awake."

Larry: "Really?"

Mr. Lunt: "I'm telling you, he was asleep the whole time,"

Larry: "Wow."

Mr. Lunt: "They shot it in 1 night while he was sleeping all against the blue screen and they moved him with wires."

Larry: "What about his eyeball? what'd they do with that?"

Mr. Lunt: "They still got to 20 million dollars,"

Larry: "Just be removed with wires?"

Mr. Lunt: "And those weren't his real eyebrow-eyeballs, those were hush puppies,"

Larry: "Those were hush puppies?"

Mr. Lunt: "I'm not kidding you,"

Larry: "Wow."

Mr. Lunt: "because of technology, that's why,"

Larry: "That's amazing."

Mr. Lunt: "I'm telling you, it is."

Larry: "That's really amazing."

Mr. Lunt: "Where are we now?"

Larry: "Oh this is where we're going into Nineveh,"

Mr. Lunt: "Right."

Larry: "Yep, yep, and uh....this scene was a little bit scary, because know, we didn't know what we were walking into, 'cause those people, there was fish flying all over the place,"

Mr. Lunt: "Wait a minute."

Larry: "there was no telling why we would just get whacked by a fish flying across the air."

Mr. Lunt: "But they were actors, right?"

Larry: "Well, yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "was this shot on location?"

Larry: "Well it was on location, with actual fish flying through the air."

Mr. Lunt: "Okay, so it was live ammo,"

Larry: "It was live ammo."

Mr. Lunt: "it was a live fire situation."

Larry: "That's right, so walking into this courtyard......walking into this courtyard, the fish that hits the wall and slides down, could uh, very well hit us."

Mr. Lunt: "Wow."

Larry: "Yep, it was dangerous,"

Mr. Lunt: "I don't-"

Larry: "and we did all of our own stunts."

Mr. Lunt: "I remember that,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "how did I end up wearing Jonah's hat?"

Larry: "Well somebody had to wear it."

Mr. Lunt: "it looks like it's like the size of...I don't know what."

Larry: "A watermelon."

Mr. Lunt: "Baby elephant or something on my head."

Larry: "It's pretty big, but see, Jonah had to wear your Twisty hat,"

Mr. Lunt: "Right?"

Larry: "and we couldn't give up the uh....give up the fact that you didn't have any eyes."

Mr. Lunt: "But you know what?"

Larry: "What?"

Mr. Lunt: "I never got that hat back."

Larry: "The Twisty hat?"

Mr. Lunt: "No, never."

Larry: "You're wearing it in the next scene."

Mr. Lunt: "No I'm not."

Larry: "Yeah you are."

Mr. Lunt: "But we shot the next scene before this 1, it was outta sequence, I never got that hat back."

Larry: "You never got that hat back?"

Mr. Lunt: "No, Archibald, he took it home."

Larry: "Uh oh."

Mr. Lunt: "I'm breaking into his house and I'm getting that hat back,"

Larry: "I Hope kept his hat."

Mr. Lunt: "It was like it's swaddling clothes, it's a pile of rags, I don't know what to do with it."

Larry: "Oh you can use it to dust."

Mr. Lunt: "I can't wrap it back up."

Larry: "No?"

Mr. Lunt: "No."

Larry: "Yeah, it's kind of uh.....kind of uh....interesting wrap."

Mr. Lunt: "You got-hey look out!"

Larry: "See, that could happen to us."

Mr. Lunt: "It could've."

Larry: "Yep."

Mr. Lunt: "Boy, you.....remember when we were inside those burlap bags?"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "those smelled terrible."

Larry: "Musty."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, but you know why,"

Larry: "Why?"

Mr. Lunt: "I found this out later, they were used to transport oysters,"

Larry: "Oysters?"

Mr. Lunt: Yes!"

Larry: "oh that's disgusting,"

Mr. Lunt: "that's why they smell so bad, because they were oyster bags, and they thought that oh, they're vegetables, they won't be able to smell the terrible smell, boy were they-"

Larry: "Was that the Kraft-the Kraft people?"

Mr. Lunt: "No, the Kraft people were just running the Crispy Cremes store."

Larry: "Oh, then who's in charge of the oyster bags?"

Mr. Lunt: "The prop man."

Larry: "The prop man?"

Mr. Lunt: "The prop man."

Larry: "The prop man."

Mr. Lunt: "He didn't-did he care about me and my old factory sensitivities."

Larry: "How hard could it be to get a couple of new burlap bags?"

Mr. Lunt: "You would think that it wouldn't be hard and you know what they say, you should never put an old grape into new burlap bags."

Larry: "Is that what he was thinking?"

Mr. Lunt: "I guess,"

Larry: "Okay."

Mr. Lunt: "I think it's biblical."

Larry: "Is that like uh, is that a metaphor? or is that just like a rule of thumb?"

Mr. Lunt: "I don't know, maybe a little of both."

Larry: "Hmm."

Mr. Lunt: "You know, here, you know this some, I did some very sound financial advice here,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "that I mostly learned from Peter Lynch."

Larry: "Peter Lynch?"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, you know Peter Lynch?"

Larry: "Yeah. he's that uh, that stock market guy,"

Mr. Lunt: "he's from finality, he's got the world's craziest hair,"

Larry: "Oh."

Mr. Lunt: "there is no 1 with crazier hair."

Larry: "Is that the Merrill Lynch guy?"

Mr. Lunt: "No."

Larry: "the same guy or was that a different Peter Lynch?"

Mr. Lunt: No, he's finality, he's the world's most famous something or rather, with the world's craziest hair,"

Larry: "Okay."

Mr. Lunt: "but he taught me everything that I know, which is why I'm now independently wealthy."

Larry: "Really?"

Mr. Lunt: "I'm in control of my financial future,"

Larry: "you are?"

Mr. Lunt: "you know why?"

Larry: "'Cause you have 65 bucks."

Mr. Lunt: "Well there's that,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "but I brought real estate with no money down."

Larry: "No money down? I get that. I did all for that for me though."

Mr. Lunt: "Oh."

Larry: "Yeah I brought a whole chocolate factory with no money down,"

Mr. Lunt: "Oh that's right, I remember that."

Larry: "lost my shirt,"

Mr. Lunt: "Oh man. that's too bad. who played the part of the pumpkin?"

Larry: "Uh.....well that was just a regular old pumpkin."

Mr. Lunt: "and where-"

Larry: "We could-we couldn't actually, you know, smash a real guy for that 1,"

Mr. Lunt: "No?"

Larry: "so we just had to get like uh, you know, a non uh, a non animated pumpkin."

Mr. Lunt: "Was he a union?"

Larry: "Uh, he was a union non animated pumpkin."

Mr. Lunt: "Okay."

Larry: "Yep."

Mr. Lunt: "So that's okay,"

Larry: "oh yeah, that was okay."

Mr. Lunt: "but don't you think that might make kids at home wanna smash their own pumpkins."

Larry: "Well I think as long as you wait 'til after October, it's okay."

Mr. Lunt: "You think so?"

Larry: "Yeah, you don't wanna do it when they're still fresh."

Mr. Lunt: "Okay."

Larry: "Oh."

Mr. Lunt: "You remember we were tied up to those things?"

Larry: "Yeah. we think we'd be tied up a little tighter than we actually are, I think we could've got out if we really wanted to."

Mr. Lunt: "Well yeah, but you know, that happens, I mean, everybody knows it, you know, a movie is a movie, it's like what I remember the most of all is that those 2 days, we were out there, I forgot sunscreen,"

Larry: "Oh."

Mr. Lunt: "you remember that?"

Larry: "Well it was overcast, and sometimes when it's overcast, you don't really need it."

Mr. Lunt: "You think you don't need it, but you still need it, and I'm tied to a stake with this little pea,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "and...and I'm getting sunburned like crazy."

Larry: "Well, you know, I don't have that problem since I'm green, the sun works to my advantage,"

Mr. Lunt: "Really?"

Larry: "Yeah. but is that why you went from like a yellow to an orangish?"

Mr. Lunt: "That's right."

Larry: "Oh."

Mr. Lunt: "That's-boy, was I uncomfortable and the ropes were chaffing? I'm telling you, this was a nightmare."

Larry: "Yeah, we had-we had to take care of that next time, 'cause you're the only 1-you're the only 1 of us who isn't green."

Mr. Lunt: "Right, and it's not easy not being green,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, I'm telling you, it's-it's yeah,"

Larry: "It's easy being green, in situations like this."

Mr. Lunt: "Right."

Larry: "So uh, so this guy, the city official,"

Mr. Lunt: "Right?"

Larry: "he's a really nice guy,"

Mr. Lunt: "What? he was a great guy."

Larry: "yeah, he was a great guy,"

Mr. Lunt: "He was-you know what he did?"

Larry: "What did he do?"

Mr. Lunt: "when I was sunburned,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "he went-he went and got me alo,"

Larry: "Alo,"

Mr. Lunt: "he got me alo,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, and then he-and he rubbed it on me,"

Larry: "Oh that's nice."

Mr. Lunt: "that was real sweet,"

Larry: "That's nice. he didn't use his uh, little fish sword there, did he-did he do that?"

Mr. Lunt: "No, he didn't."

Larry: "Okay."

Mr. Lunt: "I don't think so."

Larry: "Okay,"

Mr. Lunt: "I couldn't see."

Larry: "he got that spot on your back that you couldn't reach no matter how hard you tried?"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, he got that spot, he was very kind,"

Larry: "That's nice."

Mr. Lunt: "you know that guy, that big gourd guy, sounds a lot like Goliath,"

Larry: "He does, doesn't he?"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah,"

Larry: "Wow."

Mr. Lunt: "what's that all about?"

Larry: "is he Goliath's brother or something?"

Mr. Lunt: "I don't know, they don't look anything like each other, except for they're large."

Larry: "Well 'cause you know like, Nebby K. Nezzer and uh.......Wally P. Nezzer,"

Mr. Lunt: "Right?"

Larry: "those guys are brothers."

Mr. Lunt: "but they look exactly alike,"

Larry: "they look exactly alike."

Mr. Lunt: "but this guy-"

Larry: "well Goliath is big and this guy is-this guy's pretty big too."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, they got the size thing in common, but I don't know genetically,"

Larry: "Maybe they're cousins."

Mr. Lunt: "and what? is his mustache grown outta his nose or something?

Larry: "Well, uh, we moved it back to the back of his nose, originally, they had it stuck on the front of his nose,"

Mr. Lunt: "Right?"

Larry: "and it just uh....stuck on tight."

Mr. Lunt: "so it was just like velcro? or what was it?"

Larry: "It was velcro. yeah,"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, it was velcro."

Larry: "and a little bit of duct tape."

Mr. Lunt: "He must've had hard times breathing."

Larry: "Well, he.......breathes through his mouth."

Mr. Lunt: "Man."

Larry: "All of us veggies breathe through our mouth, there's no holes in our nose."

Mr. Lunt: "Man, how do we do that?"

Larry: "Breathe through our mouth?"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah."

Larry: "Okay. here, watch me. see?"

Mr. Lunt: "Okay."

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "I see what you're saying."

Larry: "Yep."

Mr. Lunt: "I was thinking of something different, I guess."

Larry: "No, it's pretty easy."

Mr. Lunt: "It makes perfect sense now."

Larry: "Yep. okay."

Mr. Lunt: "So at this point in the production, we were almost outta money,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "you know, 'cause we built all those sets, we hired all those extras, oh man, we were shooting on location, we were shooting in a sound-stage, we were shooting in the water tank,"

Larry: "Yep."

Mr. Lunt: "we were shooting everywhere, where we got like crane shot there, where the camera's moving,"

Larry: "Yep."

Mr. Lunt: "You know, that's not cheap."

Larry: "No, we were......we were serious uh......seriously running outta cash."

Mr. Lunt: "We were really low on funds, this is when we had to start selling props on Ebay."

Larry: "Yep. yep. those fish went for a good amount,"

Mr. Lunt: "They did. yeah, they weren't fresh,"

Larry: "they weren't fresh. so we had to sell 'em, you know within a week."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, we even sold that guy's dirty t-shirt. the king's dirty t-shirt, we sold it to a guy in Arizona."

Larry: "12 dollars."

Mr. Lunt: "he collects dirty t-shirts, he says."

Larry: "12 dollars."

Mr. Lunt: "he's making the world largest dirty t-shirt collection."

Larry: "That dirty t-shirt accounted for 8 extras, hopping up to the-"

Mr. Lunt: "Right, it -it paid-it paid their-their way to the donut store,"

Larry: "Yep."

Mr. Lunt: "for crispy cremes,"

Larry: "to buy their crispy cremes."

Mr. Lunt: "'cause we had-you know if the crispy creme store shut down, the film was over,"

Larry: "Yep."

Mr. Lunt: "'cause the whole thing like, we had said several times was powered by crispy cremes,"

Larry: "Powered by crispy cremes."

Mr. Lunt: "I don't know why it's not in the credits,"

Larry: "It should be."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, the humans, they-"

Larry: "Yeah, well we're not in the credits either as producers."

Mr. Lunt: "No, we're not, because people couldn't handle the fact-I don't think Hollywood is ready for vegetable producers,"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "you know they're not ready, they're very set in their ways,"

Larry: "Yep."

Mr. Lunt: "they're not ready to see vegetables rise to positions of power,"c

Larry: "Yep. yep."

Mr. Lunt: "Except for in salads."

Larry: "Yeah, we gotta do something about that."

Mr. Lunt: "Right, but if you think-"

Larry: "We're load before our time."

Mr. Lunt: "If you think you can keep us in salads, you can keep that-us under your thumb, in salads-"

Larry: "You are wrong, Mister!"

Mr. Lunt: "You are dead wrong!"

Larry: "Yep. watch out, here we come."

Mr. Lunt: "I am vegetable, hear me roar."

Larry: "Hear me-"

Mr. Lunt: "rurrrrrrrrr."

Larry: "Nice roar."

Mr. Lunt: "Oh this was a quiet 1."

Larry and Mr. Lunt: [Silent Whispering]

Mr. Lunt: "You know Archibald, what he-I think he fell off that cliff once, didn't he?"

Larry: "He did, we got it on film."

Mr. Lunt: "Holy cow,"

Larry: "Yeah, we got it on film."

Mr. Lunt: "was he okay?"

Larry: "Yeah, he was okay. we got-you don't know it from looking at it, but there's a little safety net, right underneath the bottom of the camera,"

Mr. Lunt: "Really? okay."

Larry: "otherwise it's like an 800 foot drop."

Mr. Lunt: "Right. he would've been-he would've been toast,"

Larry; "Yep. he would've been uh.......strained asparagus."

Mr. Lunt: "Asparagus puree or something."

Larry: "Yep."

Mr. Lunt: "you know, he would've been Gerber time, man."

Larry: "He would've been. he would've been uh.....1 of those stage 3 Gerbers."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah. look at that. that sure is pretty."

Larry: "That's nice."

Mr. Lunt: "I'm telling you, Lawrence of Aribia........Arabia.........Lawrence of polivia.......what was that movie?"

Larry: "Lawrence of Arabia?"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, that's the 1,"

Larry: "Yep. that's got nothing on this movie."

Mr. Lunt: "Nothing, nothing. not a-not a thing."

Larry: "Nuh uh. nothing."

Mr. Lunt: "Except....except maybe-"

Larry: "zilch."

Mr. Lunt: "Peter O'Toole."

Larry: "nada. yeah, Peter O'Toole was there,"

Mr. Lunt: "and Anthony Quinn,"

Larry: "uh huh. but....Jonah, is Archibald Asparagus-"

Mr. Lunt: "then Rosie O'Donnell."

Larry: "Really?"

Mr. Lunt: "Oh yeah."

Larry: "I was thinking of Tarzan. you're thinking of Tarzan."

Mr. Lunt: "No, she was in Laurence of Arabia too."

Larry: "Oh yeah?"

Mr. Lunt: "she was very young,"

Larry: "Really?"

Mr. Lunt: "yeah. she played the role of like, a child."

Larry: "Oh."

Mr. Lunt: "in the desert. a desert child."

Larry: "A desert child?"

Mr. Lunt: "Right. that's right."

Larry: "Okay."

Mr. Lunt: "I tell him, then the Tarzan,"

Larry: "I did not know that."

Mr. Lunt: "and then Tarzan."

Larry: "After that."

Mr. Lunt: "because the work was so impressive,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "then Laurence of Arabia."

Larry: "Ever heard of Tarzan before?"

Mr. Lunt: "Right,"

Larry: "Okay."

Mr. Lunt: "and right. so then Tarzan."

Larry: "Okay. that makes sense."

Mr. Lunt: "the rest is history. as I'm saying. oh this is the part where you looked at-and this is not in the script. he was not supposed to eat that weed."

Larry: "Uh uh."

Mr. Lunt: "it was not in the script. but we found out caterpillars don't like crispy creme donuts,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "and at this point, in the shooting, he-he was starving to death,"

Larry: "he's really hungry."

Mr. Lunt: "and so he starts eating the set,"

Larry: "Yep."

Mr. Lunt: "and at 1st, we're thinking we gotta fire him and replace him."

Larry: "but, it turned out to our advantage, since that's kinda how the story went anyway."

Mr. Lunt: "Did it?"

Larry: "Sure."

Mr. Lunt: "I never read the script."

Larry: "You should read the script."

Mr. Lunt: "Really?"

Larry: "as a producer, you should read the script."

Mr. Lunt: "But I-I am a student of improbs."

Larry: "Well, yeah, like Jim Belushi, right?"

Mr. Lunt: "Right."

Larry: "well, when you make a film,"

Mr. Lunt: "Right?"

Larry: "improb doesn't enter the equation,"

Mr. Lunt: "Have you-"

Larry: "unless you're behind the screen, you know, talking like a pirate,"

Mr. Lunt: "Have you ever seen Waiting for Guffman,"

Larry: "or making waffles or eating tic-tacs."

Mr. Lunt: "or-or Best in Show?"

Larry: "Yeah. I seen those."

Mr. Lunt: "Christopher Guest and I, you know, I met-you know I met Christopher Guest?"

Larry: "Where?"

Mr. Lunt: "at the-at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Center."

Larry: "Really?"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, we were both there,"

Larry; "Under the Apollo Rocket?"

Mr. Lunt: "That's right, we were under the Apollo-I met Christopher Guest,"

Larry: "Oh, no wait, that's the Saturn 5 Rocket,"

Mr. Lunt: "under the Saturn 5 Rocket and we were both saying the same things, you know what we were saying?"

Larry: "What?"

Mr. Lunt: "That is big."

Larry; "Oh yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "and we both paid-but you know what? we both improvised that line."

Larry: "Oh that That is big line?"

Mr. Lunt: "Yes, and I noticed that he was a wonderful improviser,"

Larry: "now did you both say big? or did 1 of you use another word?"

Mr. Lunt: "no, we both said big,"

Larry: "Okay."

Mr. Lunt: "but we weren't like in cahoots,"

Larry: "Okay."

Mr. Lunt: "we were on the same page,"

Larry: "Okay."

Mr. Lunt: "and he was already at-I think he was working on Best in Show,"

Larry: "Okay."

Mr. Lunt: "which is a great, you know, improvised film,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "and-and he realized that I too, was an improviser,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "of at least his level, if not more."

Larry: "Wow."

Mr. Lunt: "if not past him."

Larry: "Well that's saying something, but you should still read the script, when you're doing a major motion picture."

Mr. Lunt: "I-Christopher Guest doesn't read the script."

Larry: "Well, but he didn't have a script,"

Mr. Lunt: "you know, uh.......Spencer Tracy read the script once, 5 days before shooting and never read it again."

Larry: "Well, sure, but if you would've read the script, even once, you would've known about the weed thing."

Mr. Lunt: "Well, but I-I think it worked out,"

Larry: "Yeah, it worked."

Mr. Lunt: "either way,"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "it worked out."

Larry: "I'm just saying."

Mr. Lunt: "Okay."

Larry: "Oh this is a good line on with Khalil."

Mr. Lunt: "Which 1?"

Larry: "Patience runs very deep in my family."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, and that wasn't in the script, that was all improvised."

Larry: "Yeah, that-that's true. you can-you can have areas of impro-im what?"

Mr. Lunt: "Improvisation."

Larry: "Yeah, you can have areas of that, sure like, when we're behind the screen and stuff life like that."

Mr. Lunt: "Right. right. 'cause we were originally-Rick Moranis was gonna play the worm,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "you know, 'cause he's about the same size,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "and he's got kinda the same kinda mouth,"

Larry: "Sure."

Mr. Lunt: "you know? and so he was gonna do that, he's a great, you know, improviser,"

Larry: "He is."

Mr. Lunt: "and Eugene Levy,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "you know, and all those guys,"

Larry: "Yep."

Mr. Lunt: "but then he didn't look enough like a worm we thought, 'cause he only had 2 legs,"

Larry: "Right."

Mr. Lunt: "so then-that's when we found Khalil on the highway and in traffic court, and then we paid his bill and he became an endangered servant of the film production,"

Larry; "I remember."

Mr. Lunt: "and we did not have to even pay him then, which worked out much better than Rick Moranis."

Larry: "Yep."

Mr. Lunt: "although he was very good in Ghost Busters."

Larry: "Khalil?"

Mr. Lunt: "No, Rick Moranis."

Larry: "Oh yeah. uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "you know?"

Larry: "Oh look,"

Mr. Lunt: "Oh, it's over."

Larry: "we're back in the restaurant."

Mr. Lunt: "Is it over?"

Larry: "Well, not all the way over."

Mr. Lunt: "What do you think about Laura the Carrot's new hair?"

Larry: "I like it,"

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah."

Larry: "it's a good look for her."

Mr. Lunt: "That Jenny Jones makeover really paid off, huh?"

Larry: "Yep. boy, was she surprised."

Mr. Lunt: "Boy, was she surprised?"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: [Chuckles A Bit]

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "I'm telling you."

Larry: "She thought she was there for something else,"

Mr. Lunt: "and Ricki Lake was awfully mad that she didn't get to do it,"

Larry: "Yeah, yep."

Mr. Lunt: "Oh that Junior, don't you just love him?"

Larry: "Yep. you know, the beginning of this uh, film, his eyes were smaller."

Mr. Lunt: "Really."

Larry: "Yeah, yeah. but uh, he was working out with the weights on his eyes, and they got bigger."

Mr. Lunt: "His eyes got bigger,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "well that's unusual,"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "more than like college implants like Barbara Hershey?"

Larry: "No, you did all with dumb bells."

Mr. Lunt: "On his eyes?"

Larry: "Yeah, just little lip lifts, you know?"

Mr. Lunt: "Really?"

Larry: "Yep. yep. bolted right up, like uh, Will Smith, did for Olleen."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah?"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "On his eyes?"

Larry: "No, his biceps, but Junior did it with his eyes."

Mr. Lunt: "Wow."

Larry: "Yep."

Mr. Lunt: "Did he work with Jake?"

Larry: "Uh......Eyes by Jake. yep."

Mr. Lunt: "Wow."

Larry: "yep."

Mr. Lunt: "That's-you know, Junior almost got his eye caught in that door on that 1, remember that day?"

Larry: "There's a price to pay when you get your eyes that big."

Mr. Lunt: "he almost got-that would've been disastrous to have, you know, eyes that large and muscular."

Larry: "Yep."

Mr. Lunt: "and be right next to that sliding thing,"

Larry: "Yep."

Mr. Lunt: "just like that-holy mackerel."

Larry: "'s Twippo. okay."

Mr. Lunt: "Oh, this was such a happy moment,"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "'cause they didn't know he was coming."

Larry: "1 of the odds really."

Mr. Lunt: "Right."

Larry: "that he would break down at a restaurant right by them,"

Mr. Lunt: "they didn't know he was originally, this part was gonna be played by um........was it Burt Reynolds?"

Larry: "Yeah, Burt Reynolds, had the part of Twippo."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, Burt Reynolds was gonna-"

Larry: "He looks good in a white leisure suit, that's probably-"

Mr. Lunt: "He looks great,"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "he looks great,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "He-I mean, he looks like, you know, John Travolta 20 years ago."

Larry: "Oh yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "even though he's-he's older."

Larry: "Then he's older than John Travolta."

Mr. Lunt: "He's older, but he stayed in such good shape."

Larry: "He's the-he's the Dick Clark of leisure suits."

Mr. Lunt: "I was just thinking that exact same thing."

Larry: "Really?"

Mr. Lunt: "Right. who would you wanna see in a leisure suit more on New Years Eve than Burt Reynolds?"

Larry: "Not Dick Clark, I'll you that right now."

Mr. Lunt: "No, not Dick Clark in a leisure suit anymore, he's a good man,"

Larry: "Sure."

Mr. Lunt: "you know, and we had him over for dinner last Tuesday,"

Larry: "We did."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah. he's a good man, um, he didn't finish his potatoes,"

Larry: "Okay."

Mr. Lunt: "you know, but that's okay."

Larry: "Yeah, well they got those free radicals that make you look older."

Mr. Lunt: "Right. so if that's okay, but Burt Reynolds, ultimately was not right for the part of Twippo,"

Larry: "Right."

Mr. Lunt: "do you remember why?"

Larry: "Well, because uh, he wasn't really all that fond of uh, Raffi."

Mr. Lunt: "Who's Raffi?"

Larry: "That's a children's singer that uh, Twippo seeks to emulate."

Mr. Lunt: "Oh right. right."

Larry: "Yeah, you know the Banana Phone guy?"

Mr. Lunt: "No."

Larry: Ring, ring

ring, ring, ring

Mr. Lunt: "Is he the guy who smashed-"

Larry: ring, ring

banana phone

Mr. Lunt: "is he the guy who smashed the watermelons with a sledge hammer?"

Larry: "No, that's Gallagher."

Mr. Lunt: "Is that different?"

Larry: "Well, yeah, you got the Banana Phone guy, you got Gallagher, you got got uh..."

Mr. Lunt: "Sam Kinison?"

Larry: "carrot top,"

Mr. Lunt: "Carrot top."

Larry: "Yeah, don't know what all these-I-you know, Sam Kinison isn't in that same kind of group."

Mr. Lunt: "Sting?"

Larry: "You know, maybe Sting."

Mr. Lunt: "You got 1 name."

Larry: "You got sting, you got uh...."

Mr. Lunt: "you got Bonno,"

Larry: "you got Bonno,"

Mr. Lunt: "the edge,"

Larry: "the edge."

Mr. Lunt: "that's 2 words,"

Larry: "Well, he's got a the in his title."

Mr. Lunt: "his 1st name is the."

Larry: "The. ummmmm."

Mr. Lunt: "like Bob's middle name is the,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "the edge's 1st name is the. I wonder if they're named after the same person."

Larry: "I wonder. been like a Great Uncle The."

Mr. Lunt: "Right."

Larry: "Wow."

Mr. Lunt: "it gives you something to think about you know."

Larry: "About-"

Mr. Lunt: "you know, this scene, this scene was staged by Julie-what's her name?"

Larry: "Julie Roberts?"

Mr. Lunt: "No, Julie Taymor,"

Larry: "Julie Taymor?"

Mr. Lunt: "The-The Lion King lady."

Larry: "Oh, The Lion King lady."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah. who did The Lion King on broadway, she helped us out with all these puppets,"

Larry: "Oh."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah. or was it Michael Curry?"

Larry: "It was 1 of those guys."

Mr. Lunt: "they both know."

Larry: "Oh, no, I know who it was, it was Baron Munchausen. he's the 1 that-that set this up for us."

Mr. Lunt: "He was a conspicuous character."

Larry: "Oh, no, no he wasn't."

Mr. Lunt: "He wasn't?"

Larry: "he was for real."

Mr. Lunt: "He was real?"

Larry: "He's for real. yep."

Mr. Lunt: "Okay."

Larry: "so he helped us with uh....with this set."

Mr. Lunt: "Well I didn't come in this day, so I don't really know."

Larry: "Yep. yeah, that clam shell was left over from him."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah. and you remember when we tried to get distribution for this film?"

Larry: "Um......."

Mr. Lunt: "when we took the film-you know, 1st we took the film to you know, Universal,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "and they said you know, oh, we got uh, we got The Grinch who Stole Christmas, what do we need vegetables for?"

Larry: "Right."

Mr. Lunt: "and then we took it to Disney,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "and they said, oh, you know, we got uh, this little...this little Stitch,"

Larry: "Yeah, we got-we got the Stitch."

Mr. Lunt: "and we didn't even know what they were talking about at the time,"

Larry: "Yeah, we got Long John Silver in Space."

Mr. Lunt: "we got the little Stitch, and we got-"

Larry: "Long John Silver in Space."

Mr. Lunt: "Yeah, like Hush Puppies in Space,"

Larry: "That's right. yeah, like-"

Mr. Lunt: "that's what in fact-that was the name of the film of that point,"

Larry: "Hush Puppies in Space?"

Mr. Lunt: "Yes, that's what they were calling it,"

Larry: "Mmm hmm. wow."

Mr. Lunt: "and we said....and we said you know, you might wanna rethink the title,"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "'cause I got-it sounds like shoes, you know, from Flying through my Closet, not a space drama like Star Wars,"

Larry: "Well, and Pigs in Space,"

Mr. Lunt: "which they did."

Larry: "They did that."

Mr. Lunt: "So Disney past,"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "and then we took it to Miramax,"

Larry: "Uh huh."

Mr. Lunt: "and they said, is Ralph Fiennes in it?"

Larry: "Yeah."

Mr. Lunt: "he said no, they said we don't make any movies without Ralph Fiennes."

Larry: "Oh. okay."

Mr. Lunt: "Nothing, forget it,"

Larry: "Or that-"

Mr. Lunt: "or quit it."

Larry: "Pokemon."

Mr. Lunt: "This is no Pokemon."

Larry: "Yep. Pokemon 4."

Mr. Lunt: "That's not from Miramax."

Larry: "Well then who's it from?"

Mr. Lunt: "I-It's from uh......Warner Brothers, I'm sure they got all the Pokemon money."

Larry: "No, Miramax is shipping Porkuman-Pok-Porkuman-Poky Man."

Mr. Lunt: "That carmax is crazy."

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