Hope the Music Box Angel.

Hope the Music Box Angel is an angel sent from Heaven in to help Mr. Nezzer and teach him the true meaning of Easter. She comes out of a music box to visit Mr. Nezzer. She then goes back in her music box after trying to help him. Mr. Nezzer then gives the music box to Edmund Gilbert (Junior) as a gift. She teaches everyone about hope, faith, and the resurrection of Jesus.


Hope wears a blue dress and a pink laced necklace with a gold coin attached. Her hair is colored brown and has wings. A golden halo hovers around Hope's head.


  • Herself in "An Easter Carol"
  • Tinker Hope in "Peter Dam: The Boy Who Flew"

Voice Actors

  • Rebecca St. James (An Easter Carol and Peter Dam: The Boy Who Flew)


  • Hope is the most closest character that looks like a human.
  • Hope comes out of a music box shaped like her dress.
  • She returns in this video, Peter Dam: The Boy Who Flew.