Gabe is the conducter of the "What If Express," a train that can take people to thier past, present, and future the way it would be IF something they wished happened in thier past. Gabe is somewhat wacky, but wise, and he gives the passenger a choice between thier normal life, or their "If" life.


Gabe is a yellow crookneck squash with white hair and patches of green on his skin. He wears a blue vest and tie and a conducters hat. He also wears a pair of glasses and has white eyebrows.


  • Himself in "It's A Meaningful Life"                


Voice Actor

  • Alan Lee


  • Gabe resembles Jerry Gourd's skin.
  • The What If Express he conducts is based off of the Polar Express.
  • He is a mix of Charlie and George and little bit some other the other veggies.
  • First he was...CORN!