Cassie Cassava is a famous singer. She visited Chrisper County to sing in the church's quior. Meanwhile, Marlee Meade was directing a play and wanted a famous singer to be in the play. She heard Cassie was in Chrisper County, so she decided to trick Cassie into being into the Easter play instead of singing for the quior. The theater collapsed, due to a giant robot bunny in the play. Marlee asked Cassie if she could forgive her for tricking her the next day, and she did. Marlee then watched her sing her song at church.


Cassie is a brown cassava. She grows dark brown hair, which is in a ponlytail. She wears a yellow bow in her hair, pearl earings, a green, yellow and white-collared dress, and red lipstick. Her small nose is colored orange, and her eyelids are colored light blue. Her eyelashes are visable.


  • Herself in "Twas the Night Before Easter"

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