• SweetiePieKids02


    July 20, 2016 by SweetiePieKids02

    thanks for all you do!

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  • SweetiePieKids02

    Today, I felt funny and then threw a sad tantrum. Cue the sad fart noise.

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  • BusterBaxter123

    Did not have the lyrics and I added them.

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  • Evil Little Q

    Im Back

    May 18, 2014 by Evil Little Q

    Hey BFF Users I'm Back This Year!

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  • MovieLover9000

    Hello people, I've got some news. Did you know that I love God very much, because he made me very special. He created me to be a human. I also like to watch Veggietales because i'm a Veggietales fan. Thank you for reading this. Add a comment below, and i'll talk to you later.

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  • Evil Little Q

    Dear Friends, I Will Go on Goanimate and Make Videos and Characters, I Will Be Back on today.

    Your Friend Littleq.

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  • Evil Little Q


    October 26, 2013 by Evil Little Q

    Happy Halloween Everyone!

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  • JoshuaSK

    The year 1993 for Big Idea:

    Episode 1-In the first episode of VeggieTales, Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber are on the counter-top of a kitchen. Bob reads a letter from Lucy Anderson of Phoenix, AZ who is scared because she sometimes thinks there are monsters in her closet. Larry says he once thought the same thing, but later found out that they were actually his fluffy bunny slippers, which are only "squishy", as opposed to "scary". Bob then asks her to watch a story about when Junior Asparagus got scared.

    In the first segment, Tales from the Crisper, Junior Asparagus watches a late night "Frankencelery" movie before being told by his Mom Asparagus that he needs to go to bed. After being scared of the dark and imagining that there are …

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  • VeggieFan2000

    I love every VeggieTales episode because I'm a fan. Larry the Cucumber is the only VeggieTales character who has appeared in every episode. Bob the Tomato was in everyone up through "Esther" but there was no countertop scene and he was not in the actual episode.

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  • Evil Little Q

    hey Jerry what your food you like to eat?

    Jerry Gourd: Hot Dogs

    whoa! Hey Larry From Where God When I'mm S-Scared and God Wants To Forgive Them Do You Have A Low Voice

    Larry the Cucumber: Yes!

    hey Bob On The 2ND Episode What Do YoU Wear

    Bob the Tomato a Salior Hat.

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  • Evil Little Q

    Larry The Cucumber as Spiderman

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  • Evil Little Q

    the song 1993

    February 24, 2013 by Evil Little Q
    • (Larry The Cucumber hops on screen with the tuba)
    • Bom , Bom , Bom , Bom , Bom , Bom , Bom , Bom , Bom ,Bom.
    • Bob the Tomato: If You Like To Talk To Tomatoes , If A Sqaush Can Make You Smile , If You Like To Walts With Potatoes , Up & Down The Prouduce Asle! Have We Got A Show For You?!
    • Mrs. Asparagus , Mr. Asparagus , Bob the Tomato & Junior Asparagus: Veggie Tales , Veggie Tales , Veggie Tales , Veggie Tales! , Veggie Tales , Veggie Tales, Veggie Tales, Veggie Tales!
    • Bob the Tomato , Brocoil , Celery , Got a Be!
    • All: Veggie Tales!
    • Junior Asparagus: Lima Beans , Collard Greens, Peachy Keen!
    • Vegetables: Veggie Tales!
    • Larry the Cucumber: Caulaflower , Sweet & Sour , Half & Hour!
    • Mr. Asparagus , Mrs. Asparagus , Junior Asparagus Bob the Tomato: Veggie …
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  • Evil Little Q


    February 7, 2013 by Evil Little Q

    Larry as Batman

    Archibald as Alfred

    Bob as Robin

    Mr. Lunt as Super Man

    Petunia as Batgirl

    Junior as Red Robin

    Dr. Flury as Joker

    More Coming soon

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  • Evil Little Q

    Larry as Daniel

    Archibald as King

    Scallions as Wisemens

    Mabel and Penleope as The King's Maid

    Lions as Lions

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  • Evil Little Q

    super hero squad

    February 7, 2013 by Evil Little Q

    Larry as Iron man

    Bob as Hulk

    More coming soon

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  • Evil Little Q

    Mario bros

    January 31, 2013 by Evil Little Q

    Larry as Mario

    Bob as Luigi 

    Junior as Toad

    Goliath as Bowser Jr.

    Dr. Flurry as Bowser 

    Mom Asparagus as Peach

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  • DamiedeterJR

    Hi guys! If some of you guys don't know me, I used to be a big contributor to this wiki (when I was Damiedeter). The reason why I changed my user name? Long story. Now, you probably would have heard it by now, but guess what this year is? No, besides being 2013, IT'S VEGGIETALES 20TH ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "blows noisemaker" "starts playing I Can Be Your Friend on radio" That's right! It's been 20 years since the first video was ever released to stores. Also, late last year, as far as I'm concerned (and I could be wrong), Big Idea Productions got bought by Dreamworks Animation. :) That's pretty good since Dreamworks is successfull bringing you guys movies like the Shrek and Madagascar films, Flushed Away, Over the Hedge, and so much…

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  • Evil Little Q

    the scallion family

    January 26, 2013 by Evil Little Q
    • Mr. Scallion (father)

    • Scallion 1 (son)
    • Scallion 2 (son)
    • Scallion 3 (son)
    • Scallion Guys (brothers)
    • Charle Pincher (uncle)
    • Piano Scallion (brother)
    • Kitchen Remodel Manager (brother)
    • Drumer Scallion (brother)
    • Tom Scallion (Brother)
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  • Evil Little Q

    david and goliath

    January 26, 2013 by Evil Little Q

    junior asparagus as david

    jimmy , jerry , tom , lenny , the peas , percy , lil' pea , bob , larry and dad asparagus as isrites

    archibald asparagus as king saul

    goliath as goliath

    the french peas as the phillastiens

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  • Storm Brakehill

    Veggie Ideas

    December 13, 2012 by Storm Brakehill

    I am trying to brainstorm some Veggie ideas. Can you guys help?

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  • Damiedeter


    September 14, 2012 by Damiedeter

    Yes, users, I am now leaving this wiki. I have school a lot and I'm mainly on Total Drama Wiki. So, this will be my last blog and edit I'll ever make! Bye!

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  • Sandowkm


    August 12, 2012 by Sandowkm

    larry-boy and the fib from outer space larry-boy and the rumor weed larry-boy and the bad apple and the league of incredible vegetables!

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  • PotatoMan10

    Farley And The Candy Factory is a parody I made of Charlie/Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It is a lesson in thinking positive. Enjoy the parody and please give feedback and tell me if you like it and BigIdea should make an episode on this! Thank You!

    Narrator: "Farley Bucketson (Junior Asparagus) was once a poor boy who lived with his father and mother and four grandparents in a tiny shack. Every day, they had nothing but water soup, but Farley always tried to cheer everyone up. They were all starving, but one day, everything changed for poor Farley Bucketson and his family."

    ( It is snowing. Camera zooms to a small wooden shack, covered in snow. Farley can be seen running to the door.)

    Farley: "I'm home!"

    (Grandparents greet Farley.)

    Mrs. B…

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  • Damiedeter

    Larry the Cucumber as Spongebob

    Archibald Asparagus as Squidward

    Bob the Tomato as Patrick

    Mr. Nezzer as Mr. Krabs

    Pentunia Rhubarb as Sandy

    Jean Claude Pea as Plankton

    Jimmy Gourd as Mermaid Man

    Jerry Gourd as Barnacle Boy

    Peas and Carrots as extra fish

    Grandma Gourd as Miss. Puff

    Ma Grape as Mrs. Squarepants

    Pa Grape as Mr. Squarepants

    Qwerty as Karen

    Junior Asparagus as Timmy Turner

    Petunia Rhubarb as Wanda

    Larry the Cucumber as Cosmo

    Mom Asparagus as Mrs. Turner

    Dad Asparagus as Mr. Turner

    Miss. Achmetha as Vicky

    Apollo Gourd as Jorgen

    Gordon as Francis

    Jimmy Gourd as Chester

    Bob the Tomato as A.J.

    Random Peas and Carrots as Fairies, Pixies, Anti-Fairies and Humans

    Dr. Flurry as Denzel Crocker

    The Alchemist's Mom as Denzel's Mom

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  • Damiedeter

    I know PotatoMan already made a page like this but I'm just making my ideas of some spoofs for Veggietales.

    Spongebob Squarepants-Larry the Cucumber

    Timmy Turner-Junior the Asparagus

    Danny Phantom-Jimmy Gourd

    Jimmy Neutron-Bob the Tomato

    Vlad Plasimus-Scallion #1

    Plankton-Jean Claude Pea

    Professor Calamitous-Pa Grape

    Crocker-Mr. Lunt

    Phineas Flynn-Larry the Cucumber

    Ferb Fletcher-Steve the Cucumber

    Candace Flynn-Miss Achmetha

    Dr. Doofensmirtz-Scallion #1

    Isabella-Petunia Rhubarb

    Baljeet-Junior Asparagus


    Mr. Fletcher-Bob the Tomato

    Mrs. Flynn-Madame Blueberry

    Jeremy-Art Bigotti

    Vannessa Doofenshmirtz-Laura Carrot

    Fireside Girls-Girl Peas and Girl Carrots

    Harry Potter-Larry the Cucumber

    Hermione Granger-Laura Carrot

    Ron Weasley-Junior Asparagus

    Fred W…

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  • PotatoMan10

    You know that BigIdea has made spoofs of real movies for VeggieTales like The Wizard of Ha's, It's A Meaningful Life, and Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry's Big River Rescue? Well, here are some ideas that BigIdea HAVEN'T done that I think would be cool... Yet.

    Willy Wonka: Larry the Cucumber

    Charlie Bucket: Junior Asparagus

    Grandpa Joe: Pa Grape

    Grandma Josophine: Ma Grape

    Grandpa George: Granpa Gourd

    Grandma Georgia: Grandma Gourd

    Mrs. Bucket: Mom Asparagus

    Mr. Bucket: Dad Asparagus

    Agustus Gloop: Steven

    Mrs. Gloop: Betty

    Mr. Gloop: Oscar

    Violet Bauregarde: Rosie Grape

    Mrs. Bauregarde: Ellen

    Mr. Bauregarde: Mr. Lunt

    Veruca Salt: Laura Carrot

    Mrs. Salt: Lovey Asparagus

    Mr. Salt: Archibald Asparagus

    Mike Teevee: Don Gordon

    Mrs. Teevee: Penelope

    Mr. Teevee:…

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  • Damiedeter

    I'm not sure if this would be possible, but I think all of the villians from the series should all appear in a new episode. i.e. them making a syndicate. What do you guys think? Here are their pictures:

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  • PotatoMan10

    Hey, Everyone! PotatoMan10 Here! I've been recently taking pictures of cameo characters and others, and I found some pictures that were utterly confusing. I took some pictures of characters, and then I realized, they look exactly like other characters! Okay, you probably don't understand this, so I'll show examples:

    Please tell me what you think so I can change articles with false information I might have added. I'll upload more pictures I'm confused with, and you can tell me what you think of those, too. And thanks for helping me with some of the pictures! Thanks!

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  • PotatoMan10


    June 24, 2012 by PotatoMan10

    Good news, everyone! My mother will let me use her phone camera that takes good pictures, so I can upload good pictures of Oscar, Grandma Gourd, Miss Achmetha, and other characters who don't have good pictures.

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  • Damiedeter

    Hi people! Damiedeter here. This is a little poll thing I will be making for a while. It will be for favorite bible stories, silly songs, etc. So enjoy this one!

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