Baby Lou
is a member of The Carrot Family. He is the youngest and is just an infant. Baby Lou is the brother of Laura and Lenny Carrot He doesn't know how to speak yet and only appears in The Toy That Saved Christmas"."


Lauracarrotfamily originaldesign

An early design of Baby Lou and his Family as they appeared in Are You My Neighbor?. Here, Dad Carrot had a tall, sharp, pointy top of his head, and Laura Carrot's nose was slightly bigger. Mom Carrot had not yet been created until The Toy That Saved Christmas was produced.

Baby Lou is a small orange baby carrot. In his first appearance, he wears a white diaper and three strands of curly hair. His eyelids are colored a darker shade of orange.


  • Himself in "The Toy That Saved Christmas"
  • Child in "Strawberry, Alvin and the Great Escape"